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Bills Reacts Survey Week 4: Can Buffalo slow down Miami Dolphins’ offense in Week 4?

Is it really true that after scoring 70 points in a game, there’s nowhere to go but down?

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

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The Buffalo Bills face a daunting task this Sunday when they play host to the Miami Dolphins for a Week 4 AFC East showdown. Games between divisional foes are rarely decided easily, and the Bills play in perhaps the most loaded group among the entire NFL. While the luster has worn off a bit of the New York Jets’ shine, the Dolphins continue to ascend to highest rarely, if ever seen in professional football — and Miami’s no stranger to monumental NFL accomplishments.

But this week isn’t about putting a stopper in anyone’s champagne — it’s about reminding the rest of the league that the Bills are still one of the most dangerous teams in football. To successfully pull that off, Buffalo’s defense will need to step up like never before in finding a way to bottle up Miami’s scoring proficiency. That’s going to prove difficult, considering the 10 offensive touchdowns the Dolphins laid on the Denver Broncos last weekend. It’s right to point out that the Bills just put up 37 points against one of the NFL’s best defensive lines.

Certainly, there must be a weakness to Miami’s offense. Right? Well, we’re going to find out if Buffalo has one figured out. If the defense can continue its ferocious level of play against the Washington Commanders Week 3, then the Dolphins should likely find far more resistance in breaking the plane of the goal line.

The Bills are not the Broncos, but the Dolphins are not the Commanders. So, what do you think?

  • Are you confident in the Bills, heading into Week 4?
  • Can the Buffalo Bills slow down the Miami Dolphins’ offense in Week 4?