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Watch: Buffalo Pepsi® — Josh Allen’s down with it and wants BIlls Mafia to join him

Check out Allen’s crazy cocktail — and learn how to make your own, plus have a chance to win some great merch from PepsiCo and Josh Allen

Buffalo Bills v Washington Commanders Photo by Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is one of a kind. He’s an awesome, charismatic guy who inspires those around him. And now, he hopes one of his quirks will become a favorite of yours, and all of Bills Mafia.

Welcome the Buffalo Pepsi®! If you haven’t seen the video making the rounds on social media Wednesday, you’re in for a treat. We’ve all been there, enjoying strange food combos that we often hope no one discovers. Well not Josh Allen! He’s all and ready to be the spokesman for Buffalo’s next culinary vibe.

Are you? Bleu cheese, hot sauce, and Pepsi® — so strange it just might work. Better, most likely, by the addition of a festive spirit.

Be sure to scroll down below to find out how you can and should make your own Buffalo Pepsi® to share on social media for a chance to win some cool swag from PepsiCo and Josh Allen!