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SB Nation Reacts: Bills Mafia confident Buffalo can slow down Miami Dolphins

Plus, fans voice their confidence in the team’s direction

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Washington Commanders Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

When an NFL team scores 70 points via 10 touchdowns on offense, people are going to talk about it. But after scoring seemingly at will, it’s natural to expect a regression of sorts, if not fully to the mean in the proceeding weeks. It’s also easy to understand why some fans might be nervous about their team’s chances facing the 70-burger squad right after such dominance.

But not Buffalo Bills fans. When we asked this week if Bills Mafia believed their favorite team could and would slow down the Miami Dolphins’ offense, 76% of respondents voted an emphatic yes!

The NFL is a week-to-week league, and that means anything can happen when teams square off. While the Dolphins have gotten plenty of press due to their Week 3 thrashing of the Broncos, many fans believe such a performance is an outlier to the true mean of Miami’s offensive potential.

Again, it’s essentially impossible for any NFL team to sustain that sort of success, unless they’re facing college teams. Yes, it’s fair to consider Denver resembled a college team last weekend. But that’s a topic for another day, on another blog — which thankfully, isn’t this one.

Being confident in your favorite team’s chances is what being a fan is all about — we love everything about our Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins present a completely different sort of challenge to any the Bills have faced yet this season. Miami appears to re-invent itself on a weekly basis, offensively. But the Dolphins now must go up against a defense helmed by head coach Sean McDermott, which through three games has shown to be incredibly athletic, versatile, and stingy at the goal line.

This of course isn’t a must-win game for the Bills, but sledding will be incredibly difficult moving forward if they drop to 0-2 in the AFC East.

Regarding Bills fans’ confidence in the direction of the team, voters continue a steady climb in their approval. This week, 88% of those who responded are content in the Bills’ on-field product and the work of the coaching staff.

We’ll see where things go next week where, short of a tie, the Bills could find themselves on one side or the other of an extreme narrative about their fortunes in 2023.

Nationally, SB Nation asked voters to once predict winners in NFL Week 4. Outside of Bills Mafia, it appears few have confidence that the Buffalo Bills will get things done at home against the Miami Dolphins.

As for NFL fan confidence league-wide, take a look where things are three games in to the 2023 season.


Division Team Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Division Team Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
AFC East Buffalo Bills 43% 83% 88%
AFC East Miami Dolphins 97% 97% 98%
AFC East New England Patriots 85% 54% 51%
AFC East New York Jets 64% 42% 18%
AFC North Baltimore Ravens 60% 83% 70%
AFC North Cincinnati Bengals 67% 52% 83%
AFC North Cleveland Browns 95% 31% 92%
AFC North Pittsburgh Steelers 37% 21% 45%
AFC South Houston Texans 90% 98%
AFC South Indianapolis Colts 77% 91% 95%
AFC South Jacksonville Jaguars 96% 83% 41%
AFC South Tennessee Titans 39% 83% 14%
AFC West Denver Broncos 53% 41% 19%
AFC West Kansas City Chiefs 80% 86% 97%
AFC West Las Vegas Raiders 77% 15% 7%
AFC West Los Angeles Chargers 30% 8% 31%
NFC East Dallas Cowboys 96% 97% 46%
NFC East New York Giants 69% 74% 56%
NFC East Philadelphia Eagles 65% 80% 95%
NFC East Washington Commanders 81% 95% 66%
NFC North Chicago Bears 22% 7% 7%
NFC North Detroit Lions 99% 86% 97%
NFC North Green Bay Packers 98% 81% 90%
NFC North Minnesota Vikings 29% 56% 25%
NFC South Atlanta Falcons 85% 95% 50%
NFC South Carolina Panthers 71% 34% 23%
NFC South New Orleans Saints 91% 80% 37%
NFC South Tampa Bay Buccaneers 85% 91% 57%
NFC West Arizona Cardinals 77% 72% 95%
NFC West Los Angeles Rams 89% 98% 61%
NFC West San Francisco 49ers 87% 98% 99%
NFC West Seattle Seahawks 32% 81% 87%

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