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Bills vs. Dolphins, Week 18 — All-22 Analysis: WR Stefon Diggs

All of Diggs’ targets from Week 18

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills walked out of Hard Rock Stadium with a victory over the Miami Dolphins and the AFC East crown, their fourth in a row. The Bills were once 6-6 midway through the season and had to rattle off a five-game winning streak to make it happen. In the first four games of that streak, wide receiver Stefon Diggs didn’t post over 50 yards receiving in a single matchup. The offense was using all of the weapons at its disposal to spread the love.

Ahead of their big Week 18 matchup, One Bills Drive knew Diggs would have to see some more touches to be successful. Diggs finished the night in South Florida catching seven out of eight targets for 87 yards. It wasn’t a monster day, but it was apparent that the Bills made an effort to get Diggs the ball. Let’s take a look at all of his targets.

Play 1

On the first offensive play of the game for the Bills, they went to Diggs for an easy completion. Diggs likely had an option route to find the open spot in the zone. Once he saw both underneath defenders drop back he sat down for an easy completion and five-yard gain.

Play 2

The Bills got a first down to extend their drive and on the fourth offensive play of the game for Buffalo they went right back to Diggs for an easy six-yard completion. This was a perfect way to get Allen into a rhythm and the offense in phase.

Play 3

This play had most of Bills Mafia up out of their seats when the ball was thrown, but Allen overthrew a wide-open Diggs. Diggs kept cornerback Jalen Ramsey guessing with an outside jab and then sped by him to get five yards of separation. This would have been a certain TD, if not for the overthrown football. Maybe Allen and Diggs can connect on one of these deep balls for a touchdown this weekend.

Play 4

Allen and Diggs were on the same page before this play even started. Notice the hand signal they gave each other before the snap. Allen and Diggs likely noticed the Dolphins playing Cover 0 man-to-man and liked the matchup for the deep ball. Incredible catch by Diggs.

Play 5

Diggs went to work on Ramsey throughout the game and won his fair share of battles. Diggs sold the go route and was able to get Ramsey’s hips to turn. As soon as he saw that happen, Diggs put on the brakes for a comeback route.

Play 6

Easy completions are fun. This time Diggs was so open because Ramsey gave him a giant cushion. This enabled Diggs to make a move and gain yards after the catch.

Play 7

The Bills took advantage of Diggs being matched on a linebacker and called a quick screen to him out of the slot. Diggs got a solid seven yards on this play but almost broke it for more. I’ll take Diggs on a linebacker. Every. Single. Time.

Play 8

Once again Diggs sold the go-route, and when he saw the defender's hips turn, he put on the brakes to create separation. This time it was a quick hitch route for a solid five-yard gain.

Play 9

This wasn’t a target for Diggs, but I wanted to show it anyway. This was the 3rd & 13 play in the fourth quarter when Josh Allen played Superman, running for a first down to extend the drive. However, if Allen wasn’t Superman and was stopped short of the first down, Diggs would have got it for the Bills regardless. Diggs drew a holding call on Jalen Ramsey thanks to this route.

A reminder to look at the elite route-running Diggs brings to the table. Lately, Diggs hasn’t put up the giant numbers we’re used to seeing, but don't get it twisted — Diggs is still a beast.

In summary

The Bills enter the NFL playoffs as the two seed and will embark on their four-game quest to bring home Buffalo’s first Super Bowl. Stefon Diggs is the Buffalo Bills’ best offensive weapon outside of Josh Allen. The Bills will need him to step up if they want to win a Super Bowl. Don’t let some average or below-average games this year for Diggs fool you, he’s coming. Watch for Diggs to make a statement in the playoffs.