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Buffalo Bills Fans: Gear Up for the NFL Playoffs with FOCO

If you’re in a celebratory mood, here are some fun suggestions for purchasing

Not that long ago the Buffalo Bills lost a heartbreaking game in overtime to the Philadelphia Eagles to land at 6-6 on the season. Their season on the brink and sitting way behind the Miami Dolphins in the Division, the Bills simply just won all their remaining games and took down the Dolphins for the Division and the two seed in the Conference.

Do you feel like celebrating? Because I feel like celebrating. Sometimes that means picking up some new swag. FOCO has quite the collection to prep your home and fit for the playoffs. Check out a few favorites below, or the entire collection right here.

Buffalo Bills T-Shirt Collection

A reputable fashion magazine once named Buffalo, NY as one of the worst-dressed cities in America. One of the primary reasons? Our insistence on making fan gear an ever-present part of our lives. Like the shirt in the picture says, “Bills Football Is Life.” So yeah, fashion magazines, we will be wearing team colors year-round. Click the link above for the pictured tee or plenty of other designs.

Buffalo Bills Velour Tracksuit Collection

Here’s a fashion tip for ya. This playoff season, you can heat up the tailgate scene and stay warm and toasty during the game. You’ll be so comfortable in the FOCO velour tracksuit collection you’ll be zipping around like a space captain. Or a Nimbus. Or a space captain piloting the Nimbus.

Buffalo Bills Overalls Collection

Show your team spirit in these stylish and comfortable Buffalo Bills Bib Overalls. With various team-colored designs available and bold team logo display, these overalls are the perfect way to show your support for the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills Replica BRXLZ Mini Helmet

There’s nothing more satisfying than showing off the fruits of your labor. And your fandom. Building this Buffalo Bills Replica BRXLZ Mini Helmet is fun for fans of all ages, and results in a display-worthy addition to your decor. Mini Helmet and other Bills BRXLZ building sets are available now.

Buffalo Bills Reversible Colorblock Hoodeez

Never before has fandom looked so good and felt so relaxing. Lounge like a legend while you cheer your team on to victory by rocking this Buffalo Bills Reversible Colorblock Hoodeez. Reversible you say? That’s like two fashion statements for the price of one!

Buffalo Bills Team Property Sherpa Plush Throw Blanket

OK everyone, grab your Powersauce bars, grab this Sherpa and get ready to ascend the Murderhorn! Wait. Hold on a second. Sorry. This Sherpa is a blanket made to enjoy a relaxing day in the fancave watching the Bills. Sure, not every game is relaxing but you get the idea.

Buffalo Bills 5 Pack Barrel Coaster Set

Bills fans are known for their partying, but did you know that they’ve often resided at the top of fan rankings for pledging to do so safely? It’s true. Continue the tradition of safe adult beverage consumption by knowing your limits, having a designated driver, and drinking responsibly. If you do decide to have a Skellfire cocktail, you can also be responsible by letting the Bills do the ring chasing and saving your unbroken tables with these coasters.

Buffalo Bills Mancave Sign

So, you’re hosting the big watch party for the postseason, and want to make sure you’ve decorated enough to impress your fellow fans. If you’re a man cave sort of fan then FOCO has the ideal wall decoration to set the tone for game days.

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