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Wingin’ It: Super Wild Card Buffredo Sauce for Bills vs. Steelers

For all your pasta needs!

Buffalo Rumblings regulars know the drill. But for the new Buffalo Bills fans circling the wagons with us, we’re about more than just football here. Need something exciting for this week’s game day chow line? Wingin’ It brings you a themed recipe for every regular-season and postseason Bills game. Like this one...

2023 wingin it - Wild Card - Steelers at Bills Buffredo alfredo

So. Yeah. This isn’t exactly a tailgating food — or even a party kind of food. I’m deviating from the overall season concept pretty hard, but what the heck... it’s my series. I’ve had a Buffalo variant of Alfredo sauce on my personal “should really try that” list for quite some time, so here it is. If you’re into fusion food, this would be pretty great on some pierogi.

Buffredo Sauce

Serves: Variable
Active Time: 15 min
Total Time: 20 min


3 Tbsp unsalted butter
1 cup heavy cream
2 cloves garlic, crushed and finely chopped or grated
1 small hot pepper, finely chopped (see below for type)
2 Tbsp hot sauce
1 12 cups grated Parmesan

You’ll need: Sauce pan, (the ability to deal with fresh garlic stickiness on your fingertips)

  1. Melt butter on MED/LOW in sauce pan.
  2. Pour in heavy cream, stir; bring to simmer at most, stirring frequently for about 2-3 min.
  3. Stir in garlic, pepper, and hot sauce; stir frequently for about 5 additional min.
  4. Add Parmesan cheese; stir in and melt, stirring frequently.
  5. Continue simmering until desired thickness; serve with your favorite pasta.

Wingin’ It Tips and Prep Gallery

2023 wingin it - Wild Card - Steelers at Bills Buffredo alfredo

Alfredo sauce is about as easy as recipes get, as far as techniques go. Results will depend almost entirely on the quality of ingredients. The most significant variable in all of this is of course the cheese. You can possibly buy fancy butters and heavy cream, and yeah it would make a difference. In my experience though, the widest gap in quality will be the cheese. Do yourself a favor and splurge on a wedge of Parmesan and grate it yourself. Shaker cheese will work too, though — and no shame if that’s the route you go.

The above will be true for all Alfredo sauce variations. For this version though, the pepper might be a worthy challenger for the title of most-significant variable. I didn’t give you a type, so the sauce becomes adjustable when it comes to heat. If you want a little pimento to stick with Italian ingredients for the most part and keep it milder, go for it. If you have a Reaper you’ve been looking to throw in something, well... that’s on you. Maybe somewhere in the middle? A jalapeno would add heat and change up the flavor as that variety has its own flair.

Speaking of heat, I mentioned above that Alfredo sauce is a pretty easy recipe, overall. There is one thing you can do to mess it up: too much heat. You can get it to a simmer but pushing it any hotter can risk curdling. This is especially true if you’re introducing an acidic ingredient. Like vinegar. That’s found in hot sauce. If you’re worried about curdling, you can do this recipe without even pushing it to a simmer. It’ll take longer but it’s safe.

Oh no Skare! I was impatient, had the heat up, turned my attention to the pasta for a second and when I turned back the sauce was curdling/clumping! Now what do I do? Add about a quarter cup of milk into the sauce. Be more careful with the heat; and resign yourself to the fact that your sauce will take a little longer. You’ll likely wind up with a grainy sauce still, but it’ll be salvaged without having to start over.