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How do NFL playoffs change now that Bills vs. Steelers has been postponed?

How will the NFL playoff landscape change now that Bills-Steelers has been moved to Monday, January 15?

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

With the postponement of the Buffalo Bills vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Super Wild Card Weekend playoff game in Orchard Park, NY, several key playoff pieces pertaining to the next round (Divisional Round) are likely to change.

Per a tweet shared by Joe Ferreira, the team the Baltimore Ravens host won’t be determined until Bills-Steelers is final on Monday evening.

If Buffalo wins:

If Pittsburgh wins:

  • They travel to face Baltimore on Sunday, January 21
  • Other AFC divisional playoff game to be played on Saturday

What’s in store for Baltimore Ravens?

  • With Bills win, Ravens likely to host on Saturday, January 20: Miami Dolphins, or winner of Browns-Texans (if Chiefs win) or
  • Host Steelers on Sunday, January 21 with Pittsburgh victory

Ferreira mentioned that what’s taken place as a result of moving a Sunday’s Bills-Steelers game due to weather concerns is why the NFL schedules four seed vs. five seed games on Monday — and not two seed vs. seven seed. He believes the NFL sought to have both AFC divisional round game played on Saturday, January, 20.

This occasionally comes with the territory of playing NFL Playoff games in January. Scheduling inconveniences are far more manageable than asking teams to decide a game during a state of emergency. That’s especially true when it comes to the safety of everyone involved — from emergency responders to those directly impacted by the storm.