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FOCO Peanuts® collection brings Joe Cool to the Buffalo Bills

Yes, this is a Snoopy collectible

It’s the playoffs and Buffalo Bills fans are back in the dance! Last season, the Bills and their fans ended the season with disappointment at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals, led by their quarterback Joe Cool. So it’s understandable if you’re reading this with some unpleasant associations being unlocked. Don’t worry though, the only Joe Cool ready to go for this season’s NFL Playoffs happens to be this Peanuts collection bobble from FOCO.

Even better, this particular Joe Cool is wearing the much more attractive Bills colors. Not that we want to replace Josh Allen, but Joe Cool would make for a good QB2. The backup spot is the perfect position for Joe Cool to utilize his patented “leaning on things” move like we see here. I’m not sure what position would be best for Woodstock, but his chaotic flight patterns might make for some fun routes as a wide receiver.

The 6” bobble is limited to 150 units and features numerous Buffalo Bills elements. While the bobble itself won’t play the iconic (and very adult) Joe Cool theme song, I’ve taken the liberty of linking it here so you can memorize it and mentally play it every time you walk by your collectible. If you’re after the bobble or would rather look for something else Bills related, FOCO has you covered here.

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