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Bills vs. Chiefs: When was Kansas City’s last road playoff game?

The Chiefs’ 21st-century success is a testament to the work of one Andrew Walter Reid

Wild Card Round - Kansas City Chiefs v Houston Texans Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills and their fans are very excited to welcome the Kansas City Chiefs to Orchard Park, NY for a playoff game at Highmark Stadium. You see, it’s not often that NFL teams have the opportunity to welcome such esteemed guests to their own home. Far too often in recent years, they’ve put out their best wares, tidied up the gridiron, cooked all the pizza logs and stadium dogs, and invited scores of loyal fans to come celebrate the arrival of the Chiefs, only to be told that yet again, all gatherings take place at Arrowhead field.

So how long has it been since the Kansas City Chiefs last played a road game? Nine years. Think about where you were nine years ago, how much you life has changed.

The last time the Chiefs hit the road for the playoffs was in 2016, and just-announced New England Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo was still playing linebacker for them. A lot can change in nine years. Except, apparently, where the Chiefs’ games are decided in January.

Interestingly, following the franchise’s 1993 season AFC Conference Championship loss to the Bills on January 23, 1994, the Chiefs wouldn’t win another playoff game, home or away, for 22 seasons — a span that featured eight consecutive playoff defeats. It wasn’t until the 2015 season playoffs — on the road against the Houston Texans on January 9, 2016 — that KC finally broke the drought and exorcised its playoff demons.

As for Mayo, he and the Patriots faced the Chiefs the weekend after Kansas City’s return to playoff victory in 2016. New England proceeded to hand the Chiefs another “L” to their playoff ledger, which began a new three-game losing streak. That game also proved to be the last matchup they’d play on the road (aside from Super Bowls) until this weekend in Orchard Park. A streak of 14 straight home playoff games now broken by a visit to Western New York in winter.

This is a testament to the tenure of head coach Andy Reid, who joined the Chiefs in 2013. Since Reid’s arrival, the franchise has only played three road playoff games — all of them coming between the 2013 and 2015 seasons (with a 1-2 record). He’ll add a fourth road playoff game to his resume on Sunday.

So, yes, the Kansas City Chiefs coming to face the Buffalo Bills at Highmark Stadium is very big news.