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A roundup of Buffalo Bills New Year’s Day press conferences

Plus, catch up on postgame pressers from the Bills following the Week 18 win against the New England Patriots

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills held their first official press conferences of the new year, with head coach Sean McDermott, assistant head coach/defensive line Eric Washington, and interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady fielding questions via their regularly schedule Monday zoom sessions.

It was a fairly business-as-usual day, but a bit of a late-day keyboard kerfuffle ensued when Tim Graham of The Athletic shared on Twitter how things ended following his rounding-back question about wide receiver Stefon Diggs and lack of a follow-up opportunity. The real drama unfolded afterward on the often spicy social media platform, which you can uncover for yourself by following this link.

As for the interviews shared by the team, you can find them below — including the “ICYMI” videos of those press conferences following the team’s win on New Year’s Eve.

Head coach Sean McDermott

McDermott was tasked with how they, as coaches, go about having a conversation with quarterback Josh Allen following plays like the one where he fumbled the ball late in the game — without disrupting his competitive edge. McDermott also responded to questions about defensive personnel, noting that it comes down to identifying strengths of each player on that side of the ball.

McDermott then spoke a bit about the roles of new starters this season in linebackers Terrel Bernard and Tyrel Dodson. A question was also asked about the pass defense and McDermott noted how at this point it has much to do with the pass rush working well in tandem with the defensive backfield.

McDermott was also asked about what new experiences he’s dealt with this season (some we know are well-documented), and how important it will be for Bills Mafia to travel with the team for next weekend’s AFC East title game in facing a fierce Miami Dolphins team.

On wide receiver Stefon Diggs, whether he’s dealing with anything (nothing reported by the team’s medical team), his involvement in recent weeks, and what Diggs means to the team and organization. McDermott was ask about the challenge of juggling playing time for the running back room, the offensive line’s overall performance in Week 17, what he continues to see in cornerback Rasul Douglas, comments on the return of defensive tackle DaQuan Jones, and more including the treat it was catching up with legendary head coach Marv Levy and his family.

Interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady

Joe Brady was asked about Stefon Diggs, and McDermott’s comments about it being personnel packages, snap percentages, and such. Brady mentioned that there are planned plays where Diggs is schemed to be off the field, but that none of those are in key moments. Brady also responded to questions about his drop in production compared to the first month-plus of the season, saying that it’s not any one thing. Brady knows that he needs to do more to get him going on the field, and dispelled the idea that he’s injured apart from the fact that each and every player has the expected bumps and bruises of an NFL season.

In another thorough interview with Brady, he and the press also touched on the challenge in facing the New England Patriots each game regardless of records, overcoming adversity as an offensive unit, and of course the regular-season finale against the Miami Dolphins — and the playoff implications involved.

Assistant head coach/defensive line Eric Washington

Eric Washington’s press conference wasn’t available on the team’s YouTube channel, so we bring his session to you via Twitter. Washington began by discussing the return of defensive tackle DaQuan Jones, and noting how well he did considering the time away due to injury — and what he means to the defense as a three-down player.

Washington also discussed what’s behind the overall success of the defense during the team’s current win streak, the synergy between the pass rush and pass defense — especially cornerback Rasul Douglas, plus edge rusher Von Miller being a healthy scratch and how he handled it. Washington also spoke about defensive tackle Ed Oliver’s biggest growth being situational play and execution within each realm, and of course preliminary thoughts on preparing to face the Dolphins on the road.

ICYMI: Buffalo Bills Week 17 postgame press conferences

Following the team’s Week 17 victory, head coach Sean McDermott, cornerback Rasul Douglas, tight end Dalton Kincaid, linebacker Terrel Bernard, and quarterback Josh Allen fielded questions from the assembled media. Listen to their postgame thoughts in full below.

HC Sean McDermott

McDermott spoke about the challenge of winning against a tough opponent, the adversity players have overcome to put together the current win streak, and the hit quarterback Josh Allen absorbed at game’s end. McDermott addressed the decision to make Von Miller a healthy scratch and how impressed he was with his sideline demeanor, Stefon Diggs’ current lull in production, what defensive tackle DaQuan Jones brings to the defense, and thoughts on punter Sam Martin.

McDermott also spoke about his postgame embrace with head coach Bill Belichick, and the decision to block score updates from the Baltimore Ravens-Miami Dolphins game.

Cornerback Rasul Douglas

Rasul Douglas spoke about the success he found against the Patriots, the way he plays the game, the team’s identity and what stands out most, plus a highly engaging locker room nugget about cornerback Josh Norman and the idea of him cheating at UNO™. All this and more, including Ed Oliver’s soft hands.

Tight end Dalton Kincaid

Dalton Kincaid reflected on his record-setting performance against the Patriots and the deep-ball reception from quarterback Josh Allen on the team’s opening drive to begin the second half.

Kincaid also responded to questions about the Bills’ struggles on offense in the first quarter, and the adjustments made in the locker room at halftime.

Linebacker Terrel Bernard

Terrel Bernard discussed the unit’s point of emphasis on turnovers in preparing to face the Patriots, his individual play and production, and what he observed from defensive tackle DaQuan Jones’ return to the field.

Bernard also reflected on the addition of Rasul Douglas, and the defense’s ability to rebound late in the season during the current winning streak. This and more from Bernard following Buffalo’s win in Week 17.

Quarterback Josh Allen

Josh Allen responded to questions about his shoulder, mentioning that it was a stinger and something he’d never felt before. Allen also discussed the difficulties on offense and within his game going up against the Patriots’ defense.

Allen also ran through the play that allowed him to find tight end Dalton Kincaid for the long play to begin the third quarter, wide receiver Khalil Shakir’s involvement, and the defense’s turnover success in the first quarter. All this and more from Josh Allen — listen now!