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Bills at Dolphins: Buffalo favored for Week 18 AFC East showdown

If you’re looking to wager on the outcome of Bills vs. Dolphins, now’s the time to get in on the action with DraftKings Sportsbook!

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins Photo by Perry Knotts/Getty Images

With the 2023 NFL regular season coming to a close, the stakes are high for the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins in a winner-take-all game that will determine the AFC East champion and No. 2 seed in the playoffs. This matchup also has significant implications for the entire AFC playoff picture.

The opening odds for this game have already been set, and they provide some valuable insights for fans and bettors alike.

According to the odds at DraftKings Sportsbook, the Buffalo Bills are favored at -3, while the over/under is set at 50. In addition, the moneyline for the Bills is -166, while the Dolphins are listed at +140. Understanding these odds is key to making informed betting decisions.

If you bet on the Bills, they would need to win by more than three points for your bet to succeed. On the other hand, if you bet on the Dolphins, they would need to either win the game outright or lose by less than three points for your bet to pay out. The over/under of 50 signifies the total number of points expected to be scored in the game. Bettors can wager on whether the total score will be over or under 50. Finally, the moneyline odds indicate the potential payout for betting on each team to win outright. A negative number represents the amount needed to wager in order to win $100, while a positive number indicates the potential winnings for a $100 bet.

The Dolphins are coming off a tough loss to the Baltimore Ravens and will be looking to bounce back in a big way. Injuries to key players such as linebacker Bradley Chubb and uncertainty surrounding star wide receiver Jalen Waddle have added to the pressure on Miami as they prepare for this weekend’s game.

On the other hand, the Bills are riding high on a four-game win streak and getting healthier at just the right time. The return of key players such as safety Micah Hyde and defensive tackle DaQuan Jones has provided a boost to their lineup, and they will be looking to maintain their momentum in this critical game.

As fans and bettors prepare to watch this high-stakes matchup, it’s going to be interesting to check on the injury reports throughout the week. The Dolphins will need to be at full strength in order to overcome their recent struggles against the Bills, who have dominated the head-to-head matchup in recent years. However, Buffalo’s offense has shown signs of inconsistency, and they will need to address these issues in order to secure a win.

With so much on the line in this winner-take-all battle, the opening odds for this game provide valuable insights for fans and bettors alike. Who will you be betting on? Do you agree with the odds at DraftKings?

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