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Dion Dawkins believes “it’s gonna be one of those games” with Bills Mafia

When Dion speaks, everyone listens to the man who has a way with words

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

On Thursday, Buffalo Bills left tackle Dion Dawkins made time in his schedule to meet with local and regional media members ahead of the team’s playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

A man skill with word play, Dawkins spoke with reporters for close to 20 minutes about this weekend’s upcoming game, and what it means to have Bill Mafia on their side for the playoffs. As he always does, Dawkins seemed to light up when talking about the fans, and his words about quarterback Josh Allen and all his teammates, as well the coaches speaks volumes about the type of person Dion Dawkins is. You’ll want to settle in with a cup of coffee or beverage of choice depending on time of day to hear all Dawkins said.

“Talk to me nice, or don’t talk at all,” quipped Dawkins as he took his seat at the ADPRO Sports Field House press table.

Once seated, Dion Dawkins began by announcing to reporters that he was unleashing the monster within through his energy drink. He then named his finger... the finger. Said finger is cool — “it’s a nonfactor.”

Dawkins also spoke to the dynamic of facing the Chiefs again, a team of which he said “we see them often.” He noted the importance of finally having a full complement of Bills Mafia in the stands against Kansas City, saying:

“You know, and they call me Shnow, right... Shnowman? So last week with the shnow effect that was in the game? It’s iconic. It is iconic. I forgot about it, that they even did that and last week when they were throwing the shnow up in the air and doing all that crazy stuff — it brings a different juice to us. For them (the Chiefs) to step into our home, it’s gonna be drastically different. ‘Cause we go to Arrowhead and the number-one thing that you guys are asking us all week is how are you gonna handle the crowd noise, how are you gonna — we haven’t had that question one time. What I figured that somebody would ask is how do you think they’re gonna finally handle the crowd noise? And I don’t know, ‘cause they’ve been in a situation where they never really had to. But I’m very confident in The Mafia, you know. I feel like The Mafia is in great relation with myself — which is also like to the team — so I know that they’re gonna bring it and I’m hoping that they bring it to the highest that they’ve ever brought it ‘cause I’m excited to see them. Driving in to the game is when I can always tell how they’re going to be if they’re like already drunk — then, it’s gonna be one of those games. So I’m hoping around 4 o’clock everybody is just about at their teeter when I’m driving in, or 3:35... and they’re at their teeter. So I’m hoping The Mafia brings all of everything like it’s all or nothing, ‘cause I’m expecting it to be the loudest that I’ve ever heard, and the swaggiest that I’ve ever seen, and the shhhhhhhnowiest that I’ve ever seen. So... see you guys soon.”

Somehow, reporters found reason to continue asking questions after Dawkins dropped that mic — and he honored them with 12 additional minutes of time. Dawkins mentioned that the thing he recalls from the last time the Chiefs were in town is how quiet it was (COVID-19 protocols), and how much he loves playing in Highmark Stadium and what it really means to the team not to travel and modify their routine.

Plus, Dawkins mentioned how the team tries not to make any game bigger than what it is, and focus on one week at a time, and whether he considered stopping to help shovel out the stadium and how thankful he is for those who’ve helped clear the snow.

Dawkins then responded to a question asking him to reflect on the difference between regular-season and playoff Josh Allen:

“Yeah. (long pause) Josh is (long pause)... How do I say this correct? Josh is, he’s different here (pointing to his brain) man. Mentally, he’s there. Whatever it is off the field, I think it is helping him tremendously. Whatever that energy source is that he has off the football field now, it has his best foot forward. You know, Josh comes in the building every day just with a different energy about himself, and I don’t if he’s getting a — anything. Whatever it might be, Josh is in a better step when he leaves his house or whether it’s talking to his parents or talking to his girl, whatever that might be, it’s putting him in a better spirit, and I love it. But it’s flowing over to game days, you know. Like, in that locker room where we sit at and where Josh sits, it’s like a ‘L’ (shape) right. Like we sit down and I see Josh — like I do the same process every time: I come in, I take my stuff off, I sit there, I look around the locker room to see who’s here, kinda (check out) peoples’ outfits, and then I go about my thing. And if I’m lookin’ at Josh and if Josh is sittin’ there, which he like usually is, he’s usually you know on his phone or he’s sittin’ there just breathing and I can see like ‘oh, somethin’ crazy is gonna happen,’ or (if) he’s a little off. But I haven’t seen that he’s a little off — not once this year. So, Josh is in a good spirit when he leaves whatever he’s leaving. Whatever God is sittin’ on his shoulder or whatever beautiful energy is sittin’ and with him, it’s workin’.”

Dawkins was also asked about what feels different this time around, as opposed to prior seasons, responding that the team is for each other, building relationships and bonding every day, genuinely caring for one another on and off the field.

Dawkins pointed out:

“Just take a quick look if you’re watchin’ film, look how many people are around the guys when they hit the ground. Guys are runnin’ over there to pick ‘em up. Guys are gettin’ people away. Guys are being guys. That’s the little gems that if you look deeper into what is goin’ on — guys care, and that’s simply what it is. Guys are really being guys that care. And, uh, that’s what’s gonna make us a championship Buffalo Bills team.”

And yes, Dion — it most certainly is going to be one of those games from Bills Mafia.