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Bills vs. Chiefs, Divisional Round — second-half open thread

30 minutes (or more) to decide who heads to Baltimore, MD

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills lead the Kansas City Chiefs 17-13 at the half in what’s been a tight, physical matchup featuring plenty of chippy play during play and between the whistle. Losing the coin toss, the Bills received the ball first on offense, and promptly took the field with a concerted effort to control the line of scrimmage featuring a wonderfully healthy dose of run calls that allow the offense to eat nearly half the quarter. The 14-play, 70-yard drive would eventually stall, with Buffalo settling for three... by the skin of the ball.

On the Chiefs’ first possession, they drove down the field, eventually stalling out after missed opportunities in the red zone. After the kick, things were tied 3-3.

When the offense took the field a second time, they continued with their physical brand play, chewing up clock on an 11-play, 75-yard drive that culminated in a red zone touchdown run by quarterback Josh Allen. 10-3 Bills.

The Chiefs would respond in kind on their next drive with a field goal. 10-6 Bills. Buffalo’s third drive stalled out after five plays and 15 yards, and the defense allowed Kansas City to put together their own touchdown drive when quarterback Patrick Mahomes connected for six with tight end Travis Kelce — who walked in untouched thanks to a blown call on defense by the Bills. 13-10 in favor of Kansas City.

With 3:33 left in the half, interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady and the offense put together a brilliant drive that ate up all but 26 seconds of clock and gave the Bills seven more points — once again on the legs of Josh Allen. 17-13.

Avoiding the double dip coin flip, the Bills forced the Chiefs to kneel out the half, favoring a break instead.

We’ll see how the second half plays out, but Josh Allen is a man on a mission and the offensive line is only happy to oblige his goal. The broadcast is very focused on all things Kansas City Chiefs, and the only way that narrative changes is if the Bills can continue to dominate the line of scrimmage. Through 30 minutes, Buffalo has 17 first downs to KC’s 9, 124 total rushing yards, and leads the time of possession battle 19:07 to 10:53.

At the half, Allen is 14-of-19 for 111 yards, with 8 rushes for 51 yards and two touchdowns. Patrick Mahomes is 9-of-13 for 114 yards with one touchdown pass.

Here’s your second-half thread for the remainder of tonight’s NFL Divisional Round playoff game between the Bills and Chiefs. Remember, be kind to one another, and Go Bills!