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Buffalo Bills at the mic: Josh Allen, Dion Dawkins, Micah Hyde, others speak Monday

A busy day at One Bills Drive the Monday after exiting the NFL playoffs

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

On Monday following the Buffalo Bills’ home playoff loss to the Kansas City Chiefs during the Divisional Round, plenty of players took the opportunity to speak with the media. Some took more official turns at the podium, namely quarterback Josh Allen and left tackle Dion Dawkins. Others were generous with their time from inside the field house and within the locker room as they closed shop for the season.

There’s no denying that failing to advance yet again beyond the second round of the playoffs stings not only for Bills Mafia, but also each and every person connected with One Bills Drive. Thankfully hope springs eternal and with it, an exciting new season of Buffalo Bills football.

Before we know it, the 2024 NFL Draft will be here, and then it’s on to minicamps and spring training.

Catch up with Allen and Dawkins, plus safety Micah Hyde, center Mitch Morse, wide receivers Gabe Davis and Khalil Shakir, running backs James Cook and Latavius Murray, tight end Dawson Knox, right guard O’Cyrus Torrence, linebacker Terrel Bernard, and defensive end Greg Rousseau.

Quarterback Josh Allen

Allen spoke about working with interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady, the difficulty in losing playoff games, thoughts on the roster moving forward, and how wide receiver Stefon Diggs serves as a catalyst for the team.

Plus, Allen also touched on his offseason plans, the status of his shoulder, the work that head coach Sean McDermott did this season, seeing the development of rookie offensive guard O’Cyrus Torrence and tight end Dalton Kincaid, as well how important Mitch Morse is to the Bills.

Listen for all this and more from Josh Allen in his Monday press conference, embedded below.

Left tackle Dion Dawkins

Dion Dawkins reflected on the 2023 NFL season, why he believes Josh Allen put together an MVP-caliber season, and why he sees the window of opportunity still firmly open for the Bills.

Dawkins also spoke about his love for the entire offensive line group, offered a message to Bills Mafia, and why he’ll always believe in this team.

Plus, Dawkins reflected on where he took the biggest step during the 2023 season, believing it to be the best year of his career yet, being encouraged by the play of Torrence, offseason plans, and thoughts on Joe Brady’s work calling the offense.

Catch up on all this and more from Dion Dawkins in the embedded video, below.

Safety Micah Hyde

Micah Hyde spoke about a bit about his future plans, while reflecting on his career up to this point. Hyde also discussed how grateful he is for how things have gone, and expressed his thanks for Jordan Poyer and Sean McDermott.

Hyde also talked about first coming to Buffalo and what the area means to him, the opportunity to help change the culture within the building, and his excitement for the future. Plus, safety Damar Hamlin checks in to ask Hyde a question to end the session.

Catch up with Micah Hyde’s complete interview, embedded below.

Center Mitch Morse

Mitch Morse was asked about his plans moving forward, and he expressed how thankful he was to play with this season’s group along the offensive line. Morse also spoke to his gratitude for former offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey while admiring the work interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady did in 2023.

Morse was also asked about the results of this year’s playoffs, the play of his linemates Connor McGovern and O’Cyrus Torrence, and being encouraged about the offense’s development. Plus, Morse spoke to the special nature of this season’s Bills team, and reflected on the efforts of Sean McDermott to rally the team this past season.

Watch all of Mitch Morse’s conversation with the assembled media, embedded below.

Wide receiver Gabe Davis

Gabe Davis spoke to his desire to return to the Bills, but has decided to explore his options in March and see where the chips fall. Davis also spoke about his health, having planned to play against the Chiefs and feeling good.

Plus, Davis was asked about Joe Brady, and what the team can do to improve moving forward.

Catch up with all Gabe Davis had to say on Monday through the video embedded below.

Wide receiver Khalil Shakir

Khalil Shakir spoke to the difficulty in losing in the playoffs, and how much he loves working with Joe Brady and what’s special about him.

Shakir also spoke to the excitement of what the future holds for him and the offense, and how he intends to work hard this offseason to take that next step. For all this and more from Khalil Shakir, check out his full interview, embedded below.

Running back James Cook

James Cook was asked to reflect on his second season in the NFL, how the team can improve moving forward, and discussed the great play of the entire offensive line.

Cook also expressed how thankful he was to learn from Latavius Murray, his appreciation for Joe Brady, Josh being Josh, his thoughts on the team’s young offensive core, and using Sunday’s playoff loss as motivation moving forward.

For all this and more from James Cook, check out his full interview, embedded below.

Running back Latavius Murray

Latavius Murray spoke about coming up short of their goals as a team in 2023, improving as the season unfolded, and his plans for the future. Plus, Murray discussed James Cook’s development as a second-year player, and his optimism for the young the offensive core.

To hear all this and more from Murray, including thoughts deciding to continue playing or retire, catch his full interview below.

Tight end Dawson Knox

Dawson Knox spoke about the work they need to do to make that next step, while remembering to be grateful for what the team’s accomplished to this point. Knox also discussed how much he enjoyed playing with Joe Brady as interim offensive coordinator, the excitement he has playing with Dalton Kincaid and what he believes he can help him with moving into year two.

Plus, Knox spoke about improving as a blocker this season, the element running back James Cook added to Buffalo’s offense in 2023, the close-knit nature of the team’s locker room, hoping to be even more involved as a receiver next season, and his desire to play the rest of his career with Josh Allen.

To catch all this and more, watch Dawson Knox’s full interview below.

Right guard O’Cyrus Torrence

O’Cyrus Torrence was asked to reflect on his rookie season, and responded to questions about transitioning from college to the NFL.

Torrence discussed his offseason plans, and his outlook on the 2024 NFL season, plus he mentioned how much the entire offensive line room helped him grow as a rookie.

All this and plenty more from Cybo — catch his full interview in the video embedded below.

Linebacker Terrel Bernard

Terrel Bernard discussed how close he was to playing against the Chiefs, and how missing the game will serve as motivation this offseason. Bernard also spoke about his progress in year two as the team’s middle linebacker, and was asked what he thinks needs to change for team in the 2024 NFL season.

Plus, Bernard mentioned how excited he is to play next to Matt Milano next year, and reflected on the importance of Sean McDermott in helping him develop this season. Check out the video embedded below to watch Terrel Bernard’s full interview.

Defensive end Greg Rousseau

Greg Rousseau spoke about learning from the loss and growing for the next season as a team, and the high expectations the defensive line group had for themselves in 2023. Rousseau also discussed about overcoming a 6-6 start, and everything he was able to learn with McDermott calling plays all season.

Catch Greg Rousseau’s full interview with the media in the video embedded below.