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Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Beane discontent sitting idle this offseason

Beane spoke with local media for over an hour following the Bills’ playoff exit — catch up now!

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills general manager Brandon Beane met with the media on Tuesday afternoon, providing a generous conversation on many overarching topics with the team, the roster, and the offseason work to be done.

In a conversation that lasted more than an hour, Beane gave his first look into what was and what’s coming as the Bills prepare for the 2024 NFL season. Due to the length of Beane’s interview, only a few highlights are touched upon below, with the full video of his conversation also embedded.

Brandon Beane spoke about building the roster for next season, and the team’s large amount of upcoming unrestricted free agents — 21 players. As expected, Beane addressed the team’s limited salary cap space for next year and the importance of drafting well. Beane noted that since the 2020 COVID-19 season, the league has been at a salary cap deficit where teams are still around $16 million short of where growth would have put them pre-COVID — a 6% to 7% growth rate season over season.

“We don’t have the same money we had going into 2019, 2020,” Beane mentioned. “But we will work around it. We’re not planning to take a year off and just not be competitive.”

Brandon Beane did point out that the move will likely be to once again work one-year deals out with certain players.

Beane also touched on the opportunity to play two home playoff games this season — plus getting past the Divisional Round and the expectation that the competition in the AFC will only grow more fierce.

Conversations also revolved around edge rusher Von Miller and his production during the 2023 season, and the role wide receiver Stefon Diggs plays as the team’s WR1.

“We have to continue to put weapons out there to keep teams from bracketing him or locking him down in different ways to take him away.”

Plus, Beane touched on head coach Sean McDermott’s work leading the team this season, he offered thoughts on interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady, and discussed the wealth of depth in the 2024 NFL Draft. That includes adding play makers on offense, to help both Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs.

“We’re always looking for mismatches and I said that when we drafted Dalton, when we brought Cook here, you know, trying to find various mismatches,” Beane said. “So, yes, any guy that causes the defense that you can put them in a look and get them where you can dictate to them. And if that’s another receiver to offset Stef or whoever else, yes, we wouldn’t hesitate to do that.”

Of course, there’s much more to hear from Brandon Beane, which you can do so by checking out his full season-ending press conference below.