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Wingin’ It: The Skellfire Cocktail — for another round of Bills vs. Dolphins

Kind of like a Zombie that won’t have you going broke on ingredients

Buffalo Rumblings regulars know the drill. But for the new Buffalo Bills fans circling the wagons with us, we’re about more than just football here. Need something exciting for this week’s game day chow line? Wingin’ It brings you a themed recipe for every regular-season and postseason Bills game. Like this one...

Wingin it 2023 - Dolphins at Bills - Skellfire

This week credit goes to Buffalo Rumblings Editor-in-Chief Matt Byham. Matt’s idea for Miami was to concoct some sort of cinnamon treat to combine sweet and heat to match the Florida climate. After scouring for inspiration I swerved from what I imagine he was suggesting in the dessert realm*. Instead we’re doing cocktails; making this a 21-and-over only Wingin’ It. Please drink responsibly.

Florida is home to many island inspirations including rum-based drinks. My favorite rum drink happens to be the Zombie. The Zombie is a HORRENDOUS drink for home bartending due to the large number of ingredients and also cost/rarity of a few. I wanted to make something like a zombie, but slimmer. What’s like a zombie but slim? A skeleton. Now the Zombie is my second-favorite rum drink. The new champion?

The Skellfire Cocktail. It’s a slim zombie that will burn you.

The Skellfire

Serves: Variable
Active Time: 5 min
Total Time: 5 min


Coconut cream
Ground red pepper
Coconut rum
Spiced rum
Overproof rum
Orange juice

  1. Rim glasses with coconut cream and equal parts cinnamon and red pepper (see below).
  2. Combine 3 parts coconut rum, 3 parts spiced rum, 1 part overproof rum, 3 parts orange juice and 1 part coconut cream in a shaker/pitcher (depending on how many you’re making — see tips below).
  3. Pour into glasses; sip slowly

Wingin’ It Tips and Prep Gallery

Wingin it 2023 - Dolphins at Bills - Skellfire

We’ve done rimmed-drink glasses before, but with the coconut cream this will be a bit different. You can create a shallow layer on a flat surface like a plate and just “dunk” the rim of the glass upside down. Coconut cream is also thick enough that you can make a little puddle of it and roll the rim on it. Mix equal parts cinnamon and cayenne on a shallow plate and press the coconut rim onto it and you’re all set.

I went with ratios for this rather than strict amounts so you can adjust this from a single drink to pitchers if you’re hosting a party. For a single drink, the easy conversion is tablespoons and teaspoons. The ingredients marked as “3 parts” are all 1 Tbsp. Those marked “1 part” would be 1 tsp. So 1 tablespoon each of the coconut rum, spiced rum and orange juice; 1 teaspoon of the overproof rum and coconut cream.

To make a pitcher it would be 15 oz of the coconut rum, spiced rum, and orange juice and 5 oz each of the overproof rum and coconut cream. The easiest tip is that you can take any measuring device (shot glass for instance) and fill it up three times each for the “3 parts” ingredients, and once each for the “1 part” ingredients.

Last but not least for tips, this drink is fine at room temperature but chilled just feels right for this style of drink. I’m not a huge fan of ice but you can shake/combine with ice and strain out to serve. My preference is to put the rums in the freezer and the juice and coconut cream in the refrigerator. This will make a chilled drink on its own. For an extra temperature kick you can also store glasses in the freezer.