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Buffalo Bills S Damar Hamlin named Week 18 NFLPA Community MVP

Hamlin once again received the prestigious NFLPA award for his philanthropic endeavors

Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Perry Knotts/Getty Images

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin has been named the Week 18 NFLPA Community MVP for the second straight year. Hamlin’s continued charitable efforts and fourth-annual toy drive to make the holidays brighter for hundreds of children in and around his native McKee Rocks, PA, remain near and dear to him.

Hamlin, dressed as Santa, distributed over 2.000 toys, 50 bikes, and hundreds of books to 750 children in Pennsylvania as well as signing autographs and posing for pictures with the kids who wanted a chance to meet their hometown hero.

Last January, Hamlin collapsed on the playing field just a few minutes into a game between his Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals as he suffered a cardiac emergency. Quickly becoming a household name as the world paused and watched as training staff resuscitated the Pittsburgh native, Hamlin’s charity - Chasing M’s- started receiving donations from people who wanted to find a way to show their love and support.

Hamlin’s goal for his foundation had originally been to raise a modest $2500 to be able to provide Christmas for children in the neighborhood that he had grown up in, but within days of Hamlin’s on-field-emergency, over 244,000 donations had poured in bringing more than $8.6 million to Chasing M’s.

While Hamlin has since expanded his vision to include helping to provide CPR education and AED training and devices to sports facilities and schools among other places, he has never forgotten where it all started and that his dream was to give the kids in his community both a mentor and a hope for a future that could take them anywhere.

The weekly NFLPA Community MVP award is a long-enduring honor synonymous with community outreach and philanthropy efforts from NFL players throughout the country, and even around the world.

As one of this season’s weekly Community MVP winners, Hamlin is also eligible for the NFLPA Alan Page Community Award — the highest honor bestowed upon a player by the NFLPA.

Damar Hamlin was named the 2023 NFLPA Alan Page Community Award winner. Hamlin was honored as part of the overwhelming charitable giving from Bills Mafia and people everywhere who wanted to show their support for Hamlin who suffered a life-threatening emergency that we now understand was commotio cordis in-game last season against the Cincinnati Bengals. Those funds raised benefited Hamlin’s Chasing M’s Foundation, and have allowed him to expand his philanthropic efforts to include CPR training and distribution/training of life-saving AED equipment.

Joining Hamlin this season as a Community MVP winner, Bills linebacker Tyrel Dodson received the award in Week 16 for his efforts to make the holidays special and stress-free for four families led by single mothers. Dodson treated each mom to a $500 shopping spree to tackle wish lists, and provided Christmas trees, ornaments, and more to each family.