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Pregame Rumblings: Bills vs. Dolphins — game pick, podcast w/Bruce Nolan, SaraChristine, Nicky Smokes

Plus JSpenceTheKing brings you another SGP — get ready for an epic Week 18 season finale, Bills Mafia!

As the NFL regular season comes to a close, all eyes are on the Sunday Night Football matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins. This game is not only a highly anticipated divisional rivalry, but it also holds significant playoff implications as the winner claims the AFC East title. Both teams enter the game with impressive records — the Bills at 10-6 and the Dolphins at 11-5. Tonight’s season finale is a must-watch event!

For the Buffalo Bills, the stakes couldn’t be higher. They need to win this game to secure a playoff berth and claim the two seed for the playoffs. While there are other scenarios where Buffalo can make the playoffs before they take the field, the only way to guarantee a spot is to win. The Bills enter today’s clash on a four-game win streak, riding high after fighting their way back from a tough stretch earlier in the season. The offense is more diverse, featuring the play of running back James Cook, who’s the first 1,000-yard rusher in Buffalo since LeSean McCoy. Buffalo’s defense has also improved in recent weeks, finding ways to get turnovers and put the offense in better positions to win. It’s been a true display of complementary football on both sides of the ball. However, special teams remains a concern, as there’ve been several moments this season where Buffalo’s third phase has cost them dearly.

On the other side, the Dolphins are also looking to claim that two seed, but they have a harder road to the finish line with injuries piling up. Both running back Raheem Mostert and wide receiver Jalen Waddle have been ruled out for tonight, and linebacker Bradley Chubb is also out after suffering a season-ending ACL tear just one week ago. The injuries could create opportunities for Buffalo to exploit Miami’s weaknesses and come away with a critical victory.

Game pick: Bills 27, Dolphins 24

To get some further insight into this compelling matchup, I had the pleasure of speaking with Nicky Smokes from Barstool Sports on this week’s “Pregame Rumblings Podcast.” He shared his views and expectations for the game, and his analysis has further stoked the excitement surrounding tonight’s high-stakes showdown. Additionally, Bruce Nolan provided his keys to victory for the Bills, offering valuable strategic insight that fans will be eager to consider as the game approaches. Furthermore, SaraChristine gave all of Bills Mafia the tips they need to tailgate in Miami — making sure you’re able to make this visit to Hard Rock Stadium enjoyable.

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