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Buffalo Rumblings Live In Las Vegas with Stevie Johnson & Pigeons of New York

The Creators Summit hosted by Stevie Johnson, Pigeons of New York, and Club HBHF was a groundbreaking event that brought together some of the most innovative and influential figures in the world of sports and entertainment. This event, which took place in Las Vegas, NV during Super Bowl week, was a platform for creators to showcase their work, connect with fellow innovators, and explore new opportunities for collaboration.

One of the highlights of the summit was the live podcast hosted by myself and Sara Larson. During the podcast, we had the opportunity to sit down with two incredibly inspiring individuals — Del Reid and Stevie Johnson.

Del Reid, a true representative of Buffalo, was in attendance as Buffalo’s nominee for NFL Fan of the Year at the NFL Honors show. Del is one of the founders of Bills Mafia, our passionate group of Buffalo Bills fans known for charitable initiatives and unwavering support for their team. In addition to his work with Bills Mafia, Del also runs 26 Shirts, a non-profit organization that has raised nearly $2 million in donations. Del exemplifies the spirit of giving and has positively impacted countless lives in Western New York through his philanthropic efforts.

While Del didn’t win the award for NFL Fan of the Year, he remains proud of the impact he’s had on the community. His dedication to making a difference in the lives of others is truly commendable, and his presence at the summit was a reminder of the extraordinary impact that individuals can have when they are driven by a genuine desire to help others.

The star and host of the summit was Stevie Johnson, former Buffalo Bills wide receiver and the founder of Club HBHF. Club HBHF, an organization dedicated to empowering young athletes, has partnered with Pigeons of New York to provide scholarships and free camps for aspiring athletes in Western New York and across the country. The partnership between Club HBHF and Pigeons of New York has created invaluable opportunities for young athletes to hone their skills and pursue their dreams in the world of sports.

The work of Stevie Johnson and Club HBHF is a testament to the transformative power of mentorship and support. By providing resources and guidance to young athletes, Club HBHF and Pigeons of New York are enabling the next generation of talent to thrive and succeed in their athletic pursuits. Their commitment to nurturing the potential of young athletes aligns perfectly with the spirit of the summit, which emphasized the importance of empowering creators and fostering a collaborative community.

Overall, the Creators Summit hosted by Stevie Johnson, Pigeons of New York, and Club HBHF was a resounding success. The event brought together a diverse and influential group of creators who are making a positive impact in their respective fields. From Del Reid’s unyielding dedication to philanthropy to Stevie Johnson’s commitment to supporting young athletes, the summit showcased the remarkable work of individuals who are driven by a passion for making a difference. As the legacy of the summit continues to unfold, it’s clear that the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and empowerment that was celebrated at the event will continue to shape the future of sports and entertainment.

Be sure to listen to the podcast to learn more about how you can get involved!