Strategy for a Buffalo Bills Super Bowl victory in 2025

The key to bringing a championship to Buffalo is Stefon Diggs.

Diggs already has a reputation as being an outspoken person, so let’s lean into that. Let’s get him in commercials, talk shows, get him a cameo in a Marvel movie. Clothing endorsements, whatever. Turn the marketing for his personal brand up to 10.

Then, Diggs is going to seduce Beyoncé. Stefon is a very attractive, intelligent, and successful man and we need to use those assets for the good of the team. He doesn’t need to necessarily steal Queen B away from Jay-Z, who is a pragmatic businessman who will likely understand the financial benefits of letting his wife pursue a public affair. Buffalo is already known as the Queen City, we should have been trying to claim Beyoncé years ago, but there’s no time like the present

And that’s the plan. I think if we can make those things happen, one year from now we will see a championship team in Buffalo.

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