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FOCO Buffalo Bills XL Tumbler

Every sip will make you wanna shout!

This season we were counting on the Buffalo Bills to quench our thirst for a Super Bowl victory. Well... that didn’t happen but thanks to FOCO and the XL 40oz Buffalo Bills Tumbler, the team can help quench your thirst for a variety of other things. What other things you say? I’m glad you asked because I need an excuse for filler material because it’s harder to write about a tumbler than you might think.

FOCO 40oz Buffalo Bills Tumbler

Would a certain local beer company’s “blue” beverage work in here? With 40oz of storage that’s three cans in one ready to go leakproof container! Always drink responsibly, and stay away from The Pit because I can’t legally encourage you to sacrifice yourself to it for wins. Not that I would but just to be super clear; I’m not encouraging you to feed yourself to The Pit. If you do, it’s on record. I told you not to.

Oh right, the tumbler. Beer not your thing? Maybe you’d like to warm up with over half a pot of coffee. Or hot cocoa, or even chicken broth like the team had available at concessions during the playoffs. Hot or cold, the vacuum insulated, and double-walled tumbler will keep your beverage at the right temperature.

Other key features include a handle to make sure you have a firm grip on your beverage of choice. A straw attachment for easy sipping. The rushing Buffalo logo so everyone knows you’re in the midst of trampling your thirst. With features this good, every sip will make you want to shout! Get yours or other Bills hear here.

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