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Jason Kelce partners with Homage to benefit the Patricia Allen Fund at Oshei Children’s Hospital

The elder Kelce continues to endear himself to Bills Mafia

Buffalo Bills fans are sad because their team didn’t win during the AFC Divisional Round. Another year of saying “next year.” It’s a well-worn phrase uttered under the exasperated breath of Bills Mafia everywhere. One of these years it will be “this year.”

But still, the sting of losing to the Kansas City Chiefs yet again, and at home this time, is difficult to assuage. It doesn’t help that they’ll once again be playing in the Super Bowl.

However, despite that loss and very public news that’s become Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship having dominated both that game and the NFL — something wonderful has manifested itself for critically ill children in and around Western New York.

You see, without playing those Chiefs and Travis Kelce, there’d have been no reason for Taylor Swift to watch a football game in Highmark Stadium. There’s also reason to believe Jason Kelce wouldn’t have made such an epic appearance — one that literally upstaged Swift and everyone else in that stadium. While Jason will always be ride or die with younger brother Travis, and rightfully so, he’s begun to endear himself with a lot of Bills Mafia.

Jason Kelce’s also shown himself to be a very charitable person, and he’s now partnered with Homage to create a new, exclusive t-shirt with 50% of sales from every tee being donated to the Patricia Allen Fund at Oishei Children’s Hospital.

Before you dismiss entirely: Even if you don’t see yourself wearing a Jason Kelce shirt, it’s likely you know someone who would — or maybe a certain Swiftie who loves all that ties in with Taylor Swift. Barring that, you could also turn a good deed into a second one by way of donating a brand-new shirt to an outfit that helps clothe those less fortunate than others, and very much in need.

The best news is that your purchase will directly impact the Patricia Allen Fund, which provides “ongoing support to the pediatric critical care team.”

While Jason was an Eagle, not a Bill, his viral moment at Highmark Stadium is one most in Bills Country can appreciate. It’s fair to say he might just have an affinity for The Mafia, and he’d fit in quite well at Hammer’s Lot. Perhaps we can encourage his allegiance with a bit of that classic Bills Mafia philanthropic spirit.