NFL Musings and Observations (Kick in the Crotch)

There are things in life which hurt, stubbing your toe on the end table, not having coffee, seeing your first pay check and realizing what taxes are, and then there is the hit to the crotch. It is something which all men know all too well. The feeling of the contact on the crotch, the split second of knowing the pain is about to come and then BOOM!

This is the pain which all Buffalo Bills fans fully understand. Why? Because the Bills have an elite QB in Josh Allen and this was the year. They had the Chiefs at home and they still couldn't get it done. Was Patrick Mahomes even better than Josh Allen? NO! The Chiefs had some luck and the Bills did not (Also, I still believe Scott Hoculi shouldn't be allowed around a football field for the rest of his life) so where do the Bills go from here?

I don't believe the Bills need a full blown rebuild but they will need to have some re-tooling. Lets not have a huge conversation as to every single thing which could use some help but more so a look throughout the off-season with what I would like to see different. The first is going to be obvious and what I wish to discuss today. Bills hire Joe Brady as the full time Offensive Coordinator.

Joe Brady replacing Ken Dorsey was the spark which drove the Bills into the playoffs to the second overall seed. What changed between Dorsey to Brady I believe was simple, Brady brought in simplicity where it felt like Ken Dorsey looking back wanted to be the smartest person in the room. Here are NFL Musings and Observations we have said never strive to be the smartest in the room, let people tell you that instead of seeking it out.

But looking at Brady, he has multiple successes at different levels but the one thing I want to point out, he is NOT one of the people Josh Allen feels comfortable with, that can't be underestimated. I believe the Bills and hiring Ken Dorsey gave a little TOO much power to Josh Allen, fine for the first one but to bring it closer to the best with the Brady hire feels just a little better.

Here are what I believe the Bills biggest needs are this off-season:

WR: I love Diggs and I believe the Media is going to make a story out of nothing. The only way he is not on the Bills is if a team agrees to trade for Diggs and take a HUGE chunk of his contract and the Bills will want a high draft pick. He's going to be a Bills player. I think the Bills need a REAL WR #2! Gabe Davis has shown he is far better in the 3rd WR role and he probably will be testing the free agency season. Shakir looks legit but still I think the Bills need to add more depth.

Safety: In the Bills defensive scheme they need strong and fast moving safeties. The Bills ask a TON of the safeties and Micah Hyde and Poyer have a lot of wear and tear. The lack of speed at safety is a major concern and the Bills will probably need to address it.

DL: Bils need a run stuffer and D. Jones is not getting any younger, Ed Oliver is great but he is not a run stuffer and will keep the LBs clean. This is just needed for a Jim Johnson defense. Could see the Bills in the second or third round going in this direction.

Edge: Von Miller lost it when on the turf of Detroit he tore his ACL. Bills need another edge as they have looked older and also possibly losing AJ Epenessa.

Listed above are the four biggest needs for the Buffalo Bills. I believe the Bills will try and address all four in the off-season where it be free agency or the NFL Draft.

Random NFL Thoughts:

1. The NFL has an officiating issue and it is only going to get worse with the NFL getting in bed with legalized gambling. When fans can look up a ref and think, oh great Houculi, and then you see some odd calls and you're left thinking, is this on the up and up? NFL needs to have the refs open to the media for the answers and they need to have the head folks in NFL be able to call in if the Refs make a mistake.

2. Anyone curious why, why would the Commanders hire Dan Quinn? That just feels like a swing and a miss kind of hiring. They have a chance to really make a splash, first big hire after Dan Snyder being pushed out of ownership...AND THEY GO WITH A RETREAD??? And not even like Coach Belicheck retread, but Dan Quinn whose defense just let Jordan Love march up and down the field in Dallas. Just not feeling the hire.

3. I can see why Coach Belicheck was not hired this off-season, he's older and reportedly wanted a ton of control of the whole franchise. Owners are less and less willing to give everything and given Belicheck's gruff demeanor, the owners don't want to give up everything again. What I am shocked with is that Mike Vrabel doesn't have a job, was that his decision to keep out of the running for the right job or was there some issues in Tennessee which we did not know about?

4. RAISE the NFL Week Three Banner for the Miami Dolphins! This to me is just funny. Either you win it all or you lose, this is why teams need to remember because as they look at their team they have to answer, how much is Tua worth? Here's the thing, the Dolphins have fallen into the WE NEED ANYTHING at QB because they have been so horrific since Marino retired, they will force a bad contract.

5. Lamar Jackson... some questions need to be answered because I can't remember him doing well in the playoffs... at this point questions need to be asked if he is a regular season wonder. When JA17, Mahomes, Burrow are in the playoffs they raise up their game...Lamar does not.... that is an issue.

First Mock Draft:

1. Commanders Via Trade with Chicago: Caleb Williams, QB: I believe Chicago fully understands that Williams doesn't want to play for Chicago and Williams might pull an Elway, so they grab a second round pick of the Commanders to move back one spot and also get a chance to get a QB who I don't think is that far off Williams

2. Bears via trade with Chicago: Drake Maye, QB: I don't believe the drop off of Maye from Williams is that much. Williams is at his best while off script, that's great in the Pac-12 however I'm very curious what happens in the NFL, when all the D-Line are running 4.5 forty yard dashes. Also, he appears to struggle with critism his last year at USC, for those reasons Maye to me isn't far off.

3. PatriotsL Jayden Daniels, QB: After watching a dual threat QB in Josh Allen for years, the Patriots bring in Daniels and end the Mac Jones experiment.

4. Cardinals, Marvin Harrison Jr. WR, They keep Murray and go with the most sure thing as WR as MEGATRON.

5. Chargers, Joe Alt, LT, Harbaugh is the new HC and seeing how Michigan won in the Championship he will bring it to the AFC West, bulk up the OL and just keep Herbert clean.

6. Giants, Malik Nabers, WR: Giants lack a true #1 WR, they got to find a way to make Daniel Jones work because the owners are oddly in love with Jones to the point where it is weird. Nabers gives the Giants some needed electricity.

7. Titans, Olumyiwa Fashun, LT: Titans OL sucks, Fashun is a good LT, this isn't rocket science.

8. Falcons, Dallas Turner, Edge, In this scenario Justin Fields is sent to Atlanta for a second round pick. Falcons bring in some defensive help.

9. Bears, Rome Oduze, WR: They have a new QB, bring in a new WR, not rocket science.

10. Jets, Taliese Fuaga, LT: Aaron Rodgers is coming back for another year, he will have the latest new-age drugs and medical, he will have his darkness retreat and he will talk about how man NEVER WALKED on the moon. But the Jets will need to protect him much like how Andy Kaufman needed protection from Jerry Lawler.

11. Vikings, Laiatu Latu, EDGE, I don't think they will want to move on from Kirk Cousins, but weirder things happen. Add to the Brian Flores defense.

12, Denver, Bo Nix, QB: This feels right, feels like a Sean Payton kind of QB.

13. Raiders, Terrion Arnold, CB: Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, are in this AFC West, who knows who will be the QB in Denver. Keep the defense strong.

14. Saints, Brock Bowers, TE: Saints will do what Saints will do, I wouldn't take Bowers here but he is one of the best TEs come out in awhile and would compliment the whole offense.

15. Colts, Keon Coleman, WR: Lets give Anthony Riachardson, the huge QB a HUGE WR to keep in the AFC South, Coleman is Tee Higgins 2.0.

16. Seattle: Micheal Penis Jr. QB: He gets to sit for a year behind Geno Smith, a local kid for Seattle.

17. Jags: Jared Verse, Edge: I like the Jags but right now I don't know if they resign Josh Allen, they need a better pass rush as well.

18. Bengals, Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB: Wouldn't be shocked if they go multiple routes, but the AFC North and the AFC as a whole is a QB led division, got to have defenders.

19. Rams: Chop Robinson, EDGE: Aaron Donald is still there but they bring in the best first step of the draft.

20. Steelers, JerZhan Newton, DI: I believe the Steelers sign Russell Wilson, so QB is out of the mix, they have some good weapons but they have a little age on the defensive front, this changes it.

21. Dolphins, JC Latham, OT: Protect Tua, he is fragile, I'm not saying he is not a good QB, but he has an injury track record. Protection is the name of the game.

22. Eagles, Cooper DeJean, CB: The Eagles secondary was just old last year. This changes it.

23. Texans, Nate Wiggins, CB: I like the Texans and I can see them having a LOT of shoot outs to come, they look at the deep WR class and decide the best thing is go CB and worry about WR in the second.

24. Cowboys, Amarious Mims, OT: Dallas OL is showing some age, keep Prescott up-right.

25. Packers, Kameron Kichens, S: They add one of my draft CRUSHES, wish the Bills go Kichens in the first and Xavier Worthy in the second but it just doesn't work out.

26. Bucs: Graham Barton, IOL: They got to rebuild the OL a little with retirement, and they can improve.

27. Cardinals, Tyler Guiton JR. OL: Kyler Murray is a smaller QB, need to add protection. Just makes sense to me to add protection.

28. Bills: Troy Franklin WR: At 6'3" and 187 pounds he has all the makings of a NFL WR. His speed also is key, at roughly a 4.3 forty yard dash he will give the Bills some excellent compliments within the Bills offense. Also, it gives the Bills a better deep threat which will open up Kincaid, Knox, Shakir underneath where they work their best and it will take stress off of Diggs.

Have a great day!

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