The Hard or maybe not so hard decisions for Buffalo

This coming offseason Buffalo is going to have some hard roster decisions to make.

I think some will be harder than others for Personal reasons some may be easier but these will be in my opinion the most challenging choices that Buffalo will face.

1) Jordan Poyer. Poyer has 1 year left on his contract with a 7.7M cap hit. If they cut him they can save over $5M on the cap. Poyer has been a great player, but his skills are going down and a 33 years old you have to wonder how much is left in the tank. Harder part about moving on is there is no clear cut replacement on the roster today.

2) Tre White - again this is a player I love. Still on the right side of 30. But ACL tear followed by Achillies injuries. Here is what I do know Even if he can get back to playing early in 2024 I am not sure he is worth $16.4M cap hit and I don't like the idea of restructure here as nobody can be sure he will fully recover.

3) Rasul Douglas - let's be honest 9.9M cap hit is too high, and you can save the entire amount by cutting him. I don't like either option but we must decide I think it's a new deal or you cut him, I don't see a viable pathway as we work to clean up the cap.

4) Stefon Diggs - Let the drama continue my friends. It much more likely that Diggs gets a restructure than anything else. There could be an argument to be made that you could trade him post June 1 but I don't think you get the value a player is worth when you are only making the move for the salary cap. In the end I see Diggs back and likely with a restructured contact.

5) Von Miller - I am not sure you can do anything with Miller at this time. There is no trade value, in fact I think Buffalo would need to perform an upside down trade if they wanted to get Miller off the books. The only real hope here is that a he comes back in 2024 much closer to the pre injury 2022 Miller vs. the 2023 Miller.

The last two on the list are Deonte Harty and Nyheim Hines. both are in the last year of contracts, but you can save a bunch of cap space by cutting, both fill a marginal back up role and kick returner role that at least on paper would be easy to fill with a less expensive draft choice. The hard part is not knowing what you might get in the draft.

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