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Should the Buffalo Bills prepare for a game on foreign soil in 2024?

The list of host teams has been revealed for the 2024 NFL International Games Series.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills Photo by Henry Browne/Getty Images

On Monday night the list of NFL host teams for the 2024 International Games series was announced, revealing the five organizations that will take their show on the road in fall. While we knew that the Buffalo Bills weren’t going to play a “home” game overseas two seasons in a row, we had yet to find out what’s in store for where they’ll face each team on the road.

The biggest news is that the Philadelphia Eagles will play on Friday of the opening week of the 2024 NFL season as one half of the matchup in NFL’s first-ever game in São Paulo, Brazil. Their opponents for the clash in Corinthians Arena will be announced later.

The other “host/home” teams playing outside the United States for the 2024 season include the Chicago Bears (London, UK — Tottenham Hotspur Stadium), Minnesota Vikings (London, UK — Tottenham Hotspur Stadium), Jacksonville Jaguars (London, UK — Wembley Stadium), and Carolina Panthers (Munich, DE — Allianz Arena).

But what does this all mean for the Buffalo Bills in 2024? It means the Bills won’t travel to face or “host” an opponent on foreign soil this coming season.

Buffalo Bills 2024 home opponents:

Buffalo Bills 2024 away opponents

You may recall that the Bills traveled to plays hosts to the Jaguars for Week 5 of the 2023 NFL season. Jacksonville, having played in the UK during Week 4, had already acclimated to the time change — and, as the “visiting team,” had a perceived advantage over Buffalo — which traveled to London the Friday morning ahead of their Sunday game. Whether due to bad luck or poor planning, the team came out flat and injuries ravaged the defense. The team dropped to 3-2 and thus began a troubling early mid-season slump.

This season, aside from the Jaguars who annually play two games in the UK, every other opponent of Buffalo’s is not scheduled to play overseas. That doesn’t mean their schedule should be viewed as easier, with a slate that lists eight of 17 games (three at home, five on the road) against playoff opponents from this past season. While each flip of the calendar brings with it a new season of roster overhaul and different looks from each team, the Bills should once again be up against the best of the best the NFL has to offer in 2024.