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Stefon Diggs waxes philosophical with Kay Adams during Super Bowl LVIII interview

I’m just being where my feet are.”

2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

In case you haven’t heard, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs has been at radio row this week ahead of Super Bowl LVIII. As such, Diggs took some time to sit down for a conversation with Kay Adams of Up & Adams. Diggs was asked by Adams about the continuing drama that surrounds his name and work with the Bills.

What followed contained a lot of the same dialogue he’s provided to this point, but also somehow felt and appeared different. Perhaps at this point he’s simply tired of what most of us are — this constant insistence to poke and prod him about a subject he feels he’s answered. That may be why his body language and such presents as such here.

However, he did note that when spoken to he knows “how to get my point across,” and also “how to get us all on the same page.” One might question whether that’s the case if these conversations continue. Unless, again, it really is just how it’s going to be with the media at large in an effort to get the juiciest content out of a star like Stefon Diggs.

What follows below is my transcript of one very hot-button back and forth between Adams and Diggs. It’s important to note that this transcript is not the entire conversation, and much of it is far more lighthearted in nature. Adams did ask him which of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl he’d rather play for and he said neither, and that he has beefs with both. Adams also asked Diggs what they need to do to get past the Chiefs and he said that if he knew he’d tell lots of people.

Check out the conversation below, with our highlight of what many believe to be a tense topic at the moment. Then weigh in whether you feel this is simply more of the same, and that there’s nothing really to be concerned about, or if buttons seem to be pushing things in the wrong direction at the moment.

Kay Adams: “What does it feel like to hear your name involved in so many trades”?

Stefon Diggs: “(Today... in some cases) It’s gettin’ crazy!

Adams: “You’re goin’ to the Colts, Stefon. You’re goin’ to Chicago, you’re goin’ to Tennessee. You’re goin’ everywhere.”

Diggs: “It’s gettin’ crazy. I feel like, for me, when I hear it... I take it with a grain of salt. We don’t know what the future holds. I really can’t tell you what’s gonna happen, or what’s not gonna happen. But I will say... uh, however it goes — I’ve seen a video of this, I forgot who it was (who said): “However it goes, we’re prepared.” — and I can tell you that I’m prepared. You know what I’m sayin’?” You know I’m a professional. I’ve handled things like a true pro’s pro, no matter what they say.”

Adams: “Yeah. Why do people have anything to say?”

Diggs: “I don’t know, just for me I guess I’m an easy target. I’m not gonna say I’m flashy but I am into fashion. I am gonna say I’m not necessarily outspoken, but when you speak to me I speak eloquently — I know how to get my point across. I know how to express myself, and I know how to get us all on the same page. So, for me I feel like being verbal sometimes hurts you. And when I don’t say nothin’ at all, I think it bothers a lot of people.”

Adams: “Do you want to be a Bill?”

Diggs: “Yeah. I mean, I said that I — I told ‘em, you know, interview after interview I wanted to retire a Bill. But also, that’s also not predicated on me. I also gotta keep it in the forefront of my brain that business is business, and I like to proceed as such no matter what.”

Adams: Yeah. The you and Josh Allen relationship — how would you describe that?”

Diggs: “That’s still family. Like at the end of the day, people kinda format their own opinion in regards to, I guess, football. You know what I’m sayin’, when it’s football related? But Josh extended his hand out to me when I got drafted to the Bills. He welcomed me with open arms, with open hands. Even Bills Mafia, the whole family, everybody included. But for us, that’s still my brother, I kinda get sentimental about it ‘cause he’s still family at the end of the day, and he’s always gonna be family no matter how it shakes.”

Adams: “Oh my gosh. I feel like — are we goin’ towards an ending here? Whatta you mean no matter...”

Diggs: “You said it.”

Adams: “You’re freakin’ me — no but you’re freaking me out a little bit.”

Diggs: “I guess, I guess, it’s kinda like...”

Adams: “You said you’re getting sentimental — sentimental means you’re like living in a goodbye moment, Stefon.”

Diggs: “I said I’m being where my feet are. You know what I’m sayin’? I’m just being where I am now. I’m not sayin’ goodbye. I hope it’s not goodbye. But you know, like I said I’m prepared whichever way it goes. You know when you hear a lot of rumors and such, uh, it’s like: ‘Where did it come from?’ You know what I’m sayin’?”

Adams: “Yeah.”

Diggs: “Where there’s smoke there’s fire, usually, and I try not to pay too much attention to it. That’s why I said that why I’m just being where my feet are.”

Here is the entire interview between Stefon Diggs and Kay Adams (share-tagged at the moment of the above transcript):