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Bills QB Josh Allen chose trivia, and dinner, over NFL Honors Awards

It’s not just golf that can lure Josh Allen away from marquee NFL events.

NFL: Super Bowl LVIII-Radio Row Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen likes to have fun. Lots of it. Whether he’s in his groove on the gridiron, or moonlighting as a golfer, Allen knows how to have a good time. It would seem by his attendance record that Josh Allen doesn’t see the Pro Bowl as a good time. Who can blame him when Pebble Beach awaits?

Most of Bills Mafia, perhaps much of those tuned in to the NFL, expected that Josh Allen and girlfriend Hailee Steinfeld would be in attendance at Thursday’s 13th annual NFL Honors awards ceremony. Then the red carpet pre-show event came and went without a glance of Allen and Steinfeld. Had Allen once again snubbed a premiere event for the NFL?

Why yes, he in fact did. Whatever it was might seem trivial at best, because... well, it was. Perhaps the best of the sort. But the interesting discovery was that while Allen wound up with some now very well-publicized alternate plans, he had no intention of attending the NFL Honors event.

Instead, Allen had dinner reservations.

But just two hours before the live Sin City edition of The Dirty Dozen Trivia, Dan “Big Cat” Katz of Barstool Sports fame reached out to Allen in need of a favor, if you will. Allen accommodated, changing his dinner reservation. You see, Big Cat was suddenly in need of a famous NFL personality as his team’s fourth.

As Big Cat shared on Twitter, “I called Josh 2 hours before the show was starting. He moved his dinner to help a friend in need. An all time hero move. Guys guy through and through.”

What ensued was a completely random night of trivia featuring Josh Allen going up against Greg Olsen. This was a game of trivia not for the faint of heart (nor those easily affended by language). Twelve rounds and plenty of categories. If you didn’t catch it, now’s your chance.

Below, Allen’s entire appearance with Team Yak, timestamped for your convenience:

Don’t worry, the boys kept Josh Allen up to date on his MVP status: