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Brian is the founder of and a columnist for Buffalo Rumblings, which has been covering the Buffalo Bills since April 7, 2007.

This stream has:

Bills are getting a new stadium: All our coverage

The Pegulas own the team and the stadium lease is locked in through 2023. What’s next?

Road map to a Bills victory over the Vikings

Avoid mistakes, get back to basic, and the Bills might have a chance.

Bills making adjustments on the fly, but more change on the way

Is McDermott actually pretty good at making unplanned adjustments on the fly?

What can we even learn from a Week 1 blowout?


Pressure on Daboll to stick the landing as new Bills OC

The Bills new OC, and the man that hired him, will be under the microscope today.

Edmunds among three biggest questions facing Bills defense heading into 2018

What can we expect from the Bills defense?

Three biggest questions facing the Bills offense heading into 2018

Can the Bills answer these questions?

Final Bills 53-man roster projection

It’s here! Check it now!

Bills should sit Josh Allen until they address offensive line

The Bills should not start their rookie

What can Josh Allen do to secure the Bills’ starting quarterback job?

What if the best answer to that question is "nothing"?