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Cory Buck has been writing about Buffalo Sports since childhood, when he'd doodle speaking blurbs over Marv Levy on the front cover of The Buffalo News. He writes sports news and analysis for several outlets. He graduated with an English degree from SUNY Fredonia and currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

McCoy is the antidote to Buffalo's weaknesses

LeSean McCoy may not be a perfect fit for the Buffalo Bills' offensive running scheme, but he's exactly what they need as they try to overcome their weaknesses on that side of the ball.

Who will be the Bills' return men in 2015?

The Buffalo Bills have two established stars at the kick return and punt return spots, but could talented upstarts take those positions from them?

8 Bills who might not be here next year

Predicting the future is not easy, but the tea leaves point to the possibility that these eight Bills might not still be with the team this time next year.

Duke Williams scouting report

Bills safety Duke Williams, now a likely starter in 2015, improved throughout the course of the 2014 season - but is he ready to play full-time?

Cyril Richardson scouting report

Does second-year pro Cyril Richardson have what it takes to earn a starting job with the Buffalo Bills in 2015? Not if he can't clean up a few issues.

History of QB trades in the NFL

We combed through a history of trades involving quarterbacks in the NFL and found some interesting lessons for the Buffalo Bills.

2011 Sabres, 2015 Bills offseasons look similar

If you're a Buffalo Sabres fan, you've probably already noticed the striking similarities between their first offseason under the Pegula family ownership and the current work being done with the Bills this offseason. Is it reason to worry?

Is the Harvin deal a bad one for Buffalo?

Peter King had some words of caution for Bills fans excited about the Percy Harvin signing. Should we heed them?

One flaw makes Hoyer a less desirable free agent

Brian Hoyer is an attractive name on the free agent market to many Buffalo Bills fans, but there's one basic reason that the team should be wary of signing him.

Should the Bills "sniff around" Glennon, too?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may want to trade Mike Glennon, and the Browns are, reportedly, already interested. Should the Buffalo Bills get involved?