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Jon Ramsey is the proprietor of, and is a weekly contributor of All-22 breakdowns during the season at Buffalo Rumblings. He joined the editorial staff in 2013.

Bills video analysis: Looking back at Charles Clay’s game against the Jets

Clay was everywhere.

GIF analysis: Peterman leads a two-minute scoring drive

Take a closer look at the touchdown drive from Saturday.

GIF analysis: Tyrod’s night against the Eagles

GIFs galore as we examine Tyrod Taylor’s night against the Eagles.

Analysis: Nathan Peterman shows promise in preseason debut

Jon Ramsey breaks down the Bills QB.

The running play that Miami couldn't stop

The Buffalo Bills executed their "ground and pound" offense to perfection in a decisive win over the Dolphins. One play in particular was highly effective.

Bills benefiting from great CB play

On a day where not a lot went right for the Buffalo Bills, cornerbacks Stephon Gilmore and Ronald Darby played at an extremely high level in Week 4.

Five plays according to plan

For two straight games, Greg Roman has dialed up perfect opening-drive play calls for the Buffalo Bills. Here's how he did it against Miami last weekend.

The ups and downs of Tyrod Taylor

Two weeks into his career as a starting quarterback in the NFL, Tyrod Taylor has put a lot of good things on tape - but the Patriots exposed a major flaw of his, as well.

The symbiotic nature of blitzing

How did Rex Ryan manage to scheme up a defense that harassed Andrew Luck for four quarters? By dialing up blitz calls that forced the Colts to keep way too many blockers out of passing routes - and in some cases, doing nothing at all on a play.

A sneak peek at Greg Roman's offense

Greg Roman is now running the Buffalo Bills' offense, and fans can expect big changes in how their favorite team goes about running the football.