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A long-time Buffalo Rumblings community member, Kent joined the editorial staff in 2013, adding a unique voice with an emphasis on community building to the discussions.

Bloodsport: AFC Playoffs edition

Let’s preview and predict the AFC’s side of playoff games through the lens of a cult classic.

Buffalo Bills Hot Take Tuesday: Optimism abounds

Buffalo Bills Hot Take Wednesday: The defense is bad/the defense isn’t bad

The doctor’s in to address what ails ‘ya this week.

Buffalo Bills Hot Take Tuesday: Dawson Knox needs to become a bigger factor in offense

Following a great game, we address a position clearly on the minds of many Bills Mafia.

Hot Take Tuesday: Josh Allen’s going to get injured, Stefon Diggs vs John Brown

Only the freshest of takes will suffice on Tuesdays!

Buffalo Bills’ 2020 Over/Under predictions

The good doctork44 brings us his wagers for the season

Does Brian Daboll’s offense have an identity?

2020 is an important season for the Bills’ offensive coordinator

Virtual interviews are leading Buffalo Bills to more insightful, honest answers

Reasons behind Doug Whaley's high approval rating

Morning Joe! Bills at Ravens analysis live from Baltimore