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A long-time Buffalo Rumblings community member, Kent joined the editorial staff in 2013, adding a unique voice with an emphasis on community building to the discussions.

Morning Joe! What if? Bills Edition

Morning Joe! Should pro athletes be more outspoken on politically charged issues?

Morning Joe! Are we underestimating the impact of Donnie Henderson's departure?

Mobile tackling dummies in NFL practices

Drones. Virtual reality. Mobile tackling dummies? Football-related technologies continue to be cool

Poll: greatest player in Bills history

Which of the many great Buffalo Bills players do you consider their greatest of all-time? The only catch: you can't choose Bruce Smith.

Bills try their hand at adding track speed at WR

Like T.J. Graham (Round 3, 2012) and Marquise Goodwin (Round 3, 2013) before him, Kolby Listenbee (Round 6, 2016) brings a track background to Buffalo's receiving corps

Spill the beans: your 2016 NFL Draft man crushes

You know you have some favorite NFL Draft prospects; it's time to spill the beans

When it all went south for me

After an exciting offseason, Bills fans once again are dealing with postseason disappointment. At what point in the 2015 season did you give up on the most recent Bills team?

Will Harvin be back with the Bills in 2016?

Back in May, half of voting Buffalo Rumblings readers expected Percy Harvin to last more than a season with the Bills. Has anyone changed their minds on that matter yet?

What would you pay to watch one Bills game on TV?

If the NFL adopts a team-specific Sunday Ticket package for out-of-town Bills fans, how much would you pay to watch one single telecast outside of the Western New York market?