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Matt Warren joined the Buffalo Rumblings editorial team in January of 2009 as an unpaid contributor, writing about the Buffalo Bills. He worked his way up the paid ranks and was named Editor-in-Chief in 2017. He's interviewed Pro Football Hall of Famers and specializes in salary cap pieces alongside breaking news and opinion. In 2022, he took a full-time role with SB Nation working with multiple NFL team communities.

2024 Buffalo Bills salary cap casualty cut options

Which players can the Bills cut to save cap space in 2024?

What would moving on from Von Miller look like for Buffalo Bills’ salary cap?

Can the Bills cut or trade Von Miller’s contract this offseason? We have the salary cap implications.

Weekend Chat: All this room for activities

No football for the first time since July. What are you doing?

What does moving on from Stefon Diggs look like for Buffalo Bills’ salary cap?

Since the talk remains out there, let’s look at Stefon Diggs’ contract.

Weekend Chat: What's your snub take?

Hall of Fame. NFL Honors. Snubs.

Buffalo Bills salary cap: Contract extensions that could save 2024 space

It might seem counterintuitive, but the Bills can save cap space with some extensions.

Weekend Chat: What do you think of the Pro Bowl Games?

Are you watching the games this weekend?

Easy restructures the Buffalo Bills can do to create 2024 salary cap space

These moves would easily create 2024 cap space and push the cap hits into future years.

Weekend Chat: Championship weekend

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Buffalo Bills enter 2024 offseason with major salary cap questions

How much over the salary cap are the Buffalo Bills?