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Providing football analysis for Buffalo Rumblings, it's hard to find someone with more time in/on a field than Skarekrow. Whether it's stats, GIFs, or videos, the pseudonym "Skarekrow" is one you can trust. Oh, and he does themed recipes too.

Bills Opponent Preview: Washington Commanders QB Sam Howell

A quick glimpse of the second-year man

All-22 Analysis: Diving into dominance of Bills’ run defense vs. Raiders

What was the magic formula?

Skarey Movies: Throwly Moly, starring Josh Allen and the Las Vegas Raiders

Much easier to watch than the last episode

Penalty Recap: Las Vegas Raiders at Buffalo Bills

Not a ton to discuss — the only article series where that can be a good thing

Wingin’ It: Dirty Corn for Raiders at Bills

A Las Vegas take on elotes

Penalty Recap: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets

We’ll discuss the penalty on Stefon Diggs

FOCO Josh Allen Bank Bobble

It’s not JUST a bank — get the details inside

Skarey Movies: Josh Allen’s Interceptions vs. Jets

I hope this is the most Skarey movie all season

Opinion From the Field

It’s scarecrow vs. scarecrow, moderated by Skarekrow

FOCO Buffalo Bills BigHeads of QBs Past, Present, and Future featuring Jim Kelly and Josh Allen

That’s right, more Christmas references today