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A regular, run-of-the-mill Bills diehard from Syracuse, New York. Just here to help my fellow fan find the laughter amid the sorrow.

Buffalo Rumblings' 2019 NFL Draft predictions

Draft predictions from Buffalo Rumblings’ team of writers and contributors. Come join the fun!

Gruden Silences Tank Talk with Signing of Peterman

Report: Pegulas’ Push For New Stadium Spurred By Wobbly Cafeteria Chair

After Allen’s Rough First Start, Clear-Eyed Bills Fans Taking Things One Super Bowl At a Time

Buffalo Rumblings contributors predict Bills NFL Draft results

Rumblings contributors share what they’d like to see and...gulp...expect to see come draft night.

Sean McDermott enlivens training camp experience by wrestling fans one-on-one

Take it to the mat!

REPORT: Buffalo media to lead Bills GM search

SATIRE: Jonathan Allen Shoots Up Bills Big Board Due to Injury Concerns

This is a satire article. You should not take the contents of this article seriously.

Bills Introduce Coin Flip Decision Making Policy

This article is satire. Let's see how long it takes for everyone to realize it.

Bills change 2016 slogan from "All In" to "All IR"

This post is clearly satire, so please don't believe it. We just figured now was a good time for some stress-relieving humor.