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Having grown up in Orchard Park, I have been a lifelong Bills fan. After getting the chance to pursue educational opportunities on the business side, I now enjoy the dollars and cents of football as much as the action on the field.

Contract numbers for wide receiver John Brown

Bills missing homegrown young veterans thanks to roster turnover

Buffalo Bills need to spend cash this offseason to meet NFL requirements

It’s cash, not the cap, that Bills fans should look at.

“Process” dead money limits Bills salary cap options

After big trades and injury retirements, the Bills have dead cap issues.

Bills 2018 salary cap outlook, dead money

The Bills have salary cap space, but will use a lot of it really soon.

Opinion: Peterman moves shows McDermott might just be full of crap

A strong take from our inside man.

Get to know DT Deandre Coleman, the Bills’ newest run stuffer

Adding a run stuffer seems prudent.

Marcell Dareus made the Bills run defense better

The stats help tell the story.

Do you “Trust the Process”?

You shouldn’t yet.

Low-risk trade targets to help the offense

Here are some players that could help the Bills offense in the wake of injuries