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Having grown up in Orchard Park, I have been a lifelong Bills fan. After getting the chance to pursue educational opportunities on the business side, I now enjoy the dollars and cents of football as much as the action on the field.

An early look at the Buffalo Bills 2018 salary cap situation

Can they re-sign Sammy Watkins?

What do Buffalo Bills fans expect from Tyrod Taylor in 2017?

We ask. You answer.

Breaking down Tyrod Taylor’s restructured contract

The quarterback took less money but will hit free agency again before 30.

Why Bills may be exploring Tyrod Taylor trade

It makes sense for the Bills to be noncommittal on Tyrod right now.

Mike Gillislee contract extension projection

The talented No. 2 running back is a priority restricted free agent for the Bills.

Bills can add big cap space by restructuring two contracts

Beyond Tyrod Taylor, Buffalo could restructure two veteran contracts.

Tyrod Taylor’s “restructure” ramifications

Outlining what a restructure could look like and actually signify.

The Bills’ 2017 cap situation... if they keep Tyrod

Taking a look at Buffalo’s cap situation, if they decide to keep Tyrod Taylor.

Tyrod Taylor’s option is not optional for Bills’ future

The case for the Bills to pick up Taylor’s option.

Richard Sherman's hit on Walt Powell was a penalty

Don't believe everything the internet referee's write. Under the most obvious and clear reading of the NFL Rules, Sherman's act was either illegal contact (yes) or defensive holding.