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The Buffalo Bills are beating up their opponents

Have you noticed, too, that many big-name players from the Buffalo Bills' first six games of the 2014 season have suffered injuries - many of them of the season-ending variety?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It may have already started, but the Buffalo Bills should be developing a reputation as one of the most physical teams in the league, especially on defense. The team has left a trail of bodies in its wake after each game played this season, leaving opponents shorthanded in subsequent weeks. Let's take a look at the impact so far:

Week 1 at Chicago (W, 23-20 OT)

Against Chicago, left guard Matt Slauson and center Roberto Garza both left the game and never returned because of ankle injuries. Alshon Jeffery injured his hamstring during the game, and spent most of the second half on the sideline. Brandon Marshall also injured his hamstring, staying out for a couple plays and running awkwardly for the rest of the game.

Week 2 vs. Miami (W, 29-10)

Miami's starting running back, Knowshon Moreno, injured his elbow on his first carry, and was removed from the game. (He is now out for the season, for the record, having injured his knee last weekend against Green Bay.)

Week 3 vs. San Diego (L, 10-22)

Danny Woodhead was injured on his first carry and left the game. The injury broke his leg, ending his season.

Week 4 at Houston (L, 17-23)

While no Texans left the game permanently with an injury, Arian Foster, still dealing with a nagging hamstring, was limited to six rushing yards on his eight carries.

Week 5 at Detroit (W, 17-14)

Calvin Johnson was already dealing with a nagging ankle injury, and after his only catch of the day, he left the game entirely. Reggie Bush, starting without Joique Bell around to share the load, also injured his ankle and left the game in the second half.

Week 6 vs. New England (L, 22-37)

Pats linebacker Jerod Mayo injured his knee, and it's a season ender. Running back Stevan Ridley tore his ACL and MCL during the game and is definitely out for the season, as well. Dan Connolly, an offensive lineman who has been shuffled around as a starter, left with a concussion.

While the Bills haven't won every game they've played this season, they're definitely making sure teams are feeling the pain the next day. This might have ramifications when the playoff push begins - New England suddenly becomes more vulnerable with their best linebacker and running back gone for the season, especially when they have a short week to prepare for their Thursday night game. If Buffalo keeps breaking down each opponent and manages to stay relatively healthy, their path to winning at the end of the season will get easier.