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Bills vs. Packers, 2014 NFL Week 15: home finale sold out

The Buffalo Bills are about to finish an entire regular season without having one of their home games blacked out locally.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, the Buffalo Bills announced that Sunday's home finale against the Green Bay Packers is officially sold out.

Excluding a New York Jets home game, displaced to Detroit thanks to a mid-November blizzard, all seven of the Bills' home games sold out this season, meaning that Bills fans did not need to endure a single TV blackout. (It's also very likely that, had that Jets game been able to go on as scheduled in Orchard Park, the team would have been eight-for-eight.)

Also worth noting for a game likely to be played in cold weather: as it's fan appreciation day at the stadium, hot chocolate will be sold at half price. That's pretty awesome. Hot chocolate rules.

With previous wins over Chicago, Detroit, and Minnesota already in hand, the 7-6 Bills - who are still fighting to keep their very faint playoff hopes alive - have a shot at completing a season sweep of the NFC North, thereby claiming the title of honorary division champions.