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Terry Pegula rumored to be hiring Brian Ayrault for front office position

Pegula could be hiring longtime friend to take over as lead contract negotiator - or more.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

If Terry Pegula is looking to make a change to the Buffalo Bills front office, he might look to a long-time friend to fill at least one role with the team. According to Pro Football Talk, Pegula confidante Brian Ayrault could take over as the team's lead contract negotiator from Jim Overdorf - or possibly even more. Ayrault is a graduate of Orchard Park High and currently an NFL agent.

Overdorf has been with the team since 1986 and one of the holdovers from previous owner Ralph Wilson, Jr. Chief Financial Officer Jeffrey Littman  (also hired in 1986) stepped down when the ownership transition took place but Overdorf remained. Every team has a lead contract negotiator that takes direction from the general manager as well as the owner, sometimes causing disputes when those two stakeholders don't see eye to eye.

This could actually be a vote of confidence for the rest of the Bills front office instead of a means to usurp them. In February, The Buffalo News reported a rift between the "old guard" and the younger members of the front office. With Littman and possibly Overdorf replaced, only the media relations would have a hear that was hired before the Bills' first Super Bowl in Scott Berchtold. This would theoretically empower those that remained in president Russ Brandon and general manager Doug Whaley.

Ayrault has denied the rumor, saying it's a ploy from other agencies as the 2015 NFL Draft signing season is in full swing: