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Buffalo Bills break from OTAs for Airsoft excursion

Doug Marrone and the Bills traded football schemes for Airsoft pellets on Wednesday.

Brett Carlsen

The Buffalo Bills had four OTA sessions scheduled for this week. Head coach Doug Marrone canceled Wednesday's planned session in favor of a team-building exercise outside of One Bills Drive. The Bills accomplished said team building by way of (Airsoft) gunplay.

Several players showed off their loadouts on Twitter and Instagram after the team-building event, including Aaron Williams, Anthony Dixon, Ronnie Wingo and Darius Robinson.

Williams also admitted to veteran running back Fred Jackson getting the better of him at least once.

Airsoft is undoubtedly a safer team-building excursion than, say, asking Marquise Goodwin to catch a trust-falling Cordy Glenn, but it also likely will not turn out to be as memorable as the Mike Mularkey Cheeseburger Tour of Seattle, circa 2004. (Nor as effective, in all likelihood; those cheeseburgers helped the Bills end a six-game road losing streak with a 38-9 thumping of the Seahawks, who went on to make the playoffs that year.)