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Forbes: Buffalo Bills, currently for sale, worth $870 million

The Buffalo Bills are currently for sale, and Forbes magazine ranks them as the 47th-most valuable franchise in pro sports, worth $870 million.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills remain one of the 50 most valuable franchises in pro sports, according to Forbes.

Valued at $870 million, the Bills come in at No. 47 on Forbes' annual list of the Top 50 most valuable sports franchises. Buffalo sits behind 29 other NFL franchises on the list, ranking ahead of only the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Oakland Raiders, who did not make the cut this year.

The valuation is, of course, interesting due to the fact that the franchise is currently for sale. Interested parties are currently reviewing financials as they mull the idea of bidding on the team - indication of interest documents are reportedly due in less than two weeks - and as those documents cannot be made public, this gives us an interesting perspective on how the team might be perceived on the market.

The Bills might be worth $870 million in Buffalo, but Forbes writer Mike Ozanian believes that they could sell for more in the neighborhood of $925 million, a figure that is based on revenue projections for the 2014 league year. He expects the Bills to earn between $280-290 million in revenue this season, a slight bump up from 2013 thanks to ongoing renovations to Ralph Wilson Stadium.