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Forbes: initial Buffalo Bills bids all below $900 million

We now know how much each ownership entity initially bid on the Buffalo Bills, if Forbes figures are accurate.

Mike Stobe

Last week, Mike Ozanian from Forbes wrote that every initial bid for the Buffalo Bills fell below $1 billion. Today, Ozanian is reporting more precise figures, and they are very low - not just below $1 billion, but below $900 million.

The current non-binding bids into Morgan Stanley are as follows:

  • Terry Pegula: $890 million
  • Bon Jovi group: $820 million
  • Donald Trump: $809 million
Forbes valued the team at $935 million earlier this week, so these numbers are embarrassingly low for the company handling the sale, and certainly not the best news for Mary Wilson, widow of late team founder Ralph Wilson. Ozanian implies that the trust's "ultra-restrictive non-disclosure agreement" is a reason for the low bids. He also suggests the NFL may want to step in and start the sale process anew, dragging the sale out through the end of the year.

On Tuesday night, John Wawrow of the Associated Press told Buffalo Rumblings that Terry Pegula might be able to buy the team for as low as $900 million, and it appears he was spot on. He also suggested that the final sale price will likely be higher to satisfy Mrs. Wilson, the NFL, and Morgan Stanley. Check out the video embedded below for Wawrow's take on the bidding process.