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Lions shut out Bills in preseason finale, 23-0

The Buffalo Bills got thrown to the Detroit Lions.

Vaughn Ridley

The Buffalo Bills were shut out by the Detroit Lions tonight. Here's your bullet recap of the 23-0 blowout.

  • Sammy Watkins re-injured his ribs. Here's our complete story.
  • EJ Manuel finished the night 3-of-7 for 56 yards. Those are good numbers in yards per attempt and yards per completion but obviously not completion percentage. The Bills had a hard time moving the ball with the first team offense. They had negative-one yards rushing in the first quarter, for instance, which can't all be laid at QB1's feet.
  • You almost feel bad for Jordan Palmer. who had two days in the Bills playbook before being thrown to the Lions. And by that, I mean he literally threw it to the Lions and was intercepted thrice while going 9-of-22 for 73 yards. It's reminiscent of Matt Leinart's performance a year ago in a similar situation.
  • Brian Moorman averaged just 35 yards on 7 punts but still did better than recently claimed Jordan Gay whose one punt went for 33 yards.
The next time you see the Bills on the field it's for real. Good, bad, or otherwise.