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Ralph Wilson Stadium ranked 20th-best venue in NFL

Sean McDonald wrote a book on his experience of touring every NFL stadium in the NFL. Here are some of the highlights of his trip to Ralph Wilson Stadium.

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"Full disclosure: I am a Bills fan," writes Sean McDonald to kick off his chapter devoted to Ralph Wilson Stadium. McDonald's new book, Ultimate Football Road Trip, is available now. McDonald writes this book after touring all 31 home venues in the NFL during the 2013 season.

The Buffalo Bills are just one of the teams featured, of course, but he gives high marks to the aging facade in Orchard Park. Lower marks are handed out to the drunk fans that inhabit it on Sundays.

On a positive note, "The Ralph" comes in at No. 20, just one spot behind Gillette Stadium in his rankings thanks to the ease of travel to and from the site on game days. On the down side, it's the only stadium where he paid to park on his entire trip thanks to inadequate public transit. One of his suggested alternatives to long drives from hotels that no other team in the league offers is the RV parking lot, which opens on Friday.

Depending on your perspective, the game day atmosphere can be both a negative and a positive. Tailgating that begins by 8:00 a.m. for some fans is unique around the league - and it appeals to some fans - but the average stadium-dweller might see it as a reason to not attend games at all.

"As you can probably guess, Bills fans are the drunkest I witnessed on my trip," writes McDonald. "That is true before, during, and after the game. I even saw the Bills twice on the road, and this observation was merely confirmed. Unfortunately, many of them are unable to hold their liquor and lose control, becoming a danger to others or themselves."

McDonald's trip took to him to a variety of venues, and he clarified in a conversation with Buffalo Rumblings that "drunkest" doesn't necessarily equate to "worst."

"To be fair, during my brief foray into the upper deck at Ralph Wilson Stadium, fans were well-behaved - much better than the upper deck at some other venues (Washington for example)," wrote McDonald in an email. "Most stadiums have some policies in place to limit alcohol service to obviously inebriated fans. However, these policies are enforced rather randomly."

The book is perfect if you're trying to plan an NFL road trip, short or long, and he even gets you to all 32 venues this season if you follow the budgeted travel itinerary he proposes. McDonald's book is available from Amazon.