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Tyrod Taylor injury: will Bills QB be ready for Dolphins game on November 8?

Tyrod Taylor has missed the last two games for the Bills. Fans are more than ready to see him back under center, but will he be healthy enough to play against Miami on November 8?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

If the Buffalo Bills' last two games have left any impression on the team's fans, it's that the sooner that EJ Manuel is back on the sideline and Tyrod Taylor re-assumes his job as the starting quarterback, the better for the organization's fading playoff hopes.

The Bills have this week off for their bye, and won't be back at practice until next week as a result - and until then, we'll be left to wonder whether or not Taylor's banged-up knee will be healthy enough for him to return to the lineup on November 8 at home against the Miami Dolphins.

In his two starts, both losses for the Bills, Manuel turned the football over four times. Three of those turned into opponent touchdowns, two by the defense, and accounted for 20 points in total. (The Bills lost those two games by a combined 16 points.) By comparison, in Taylor's five starts, he turned the ball over just four times, leading to 14 points for the opposition. Taylor, who has struggled at times himself, has obviously been a much more efficient quarterback at producing yards and points than Manuel, but the team might need him simply to avoid the negative plays that Manuel is becoming well-known for.

It's going to be a long two weeks. Rest up, Tyrod.