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Bills vs. Jets, 2015 NFL Week 10: Rex Ryan in rare form

Rex Ryan has perfected the art of distraction-by-media in his six-plus years as a NFL head coach, and he put on a clinic on Tuesday afternoon.

Tomorrow night's matchup between the 5-3 New York Jets and the 4-4 Buffalo Bills not only offers fans a game between division rivals with serious AFC playoff implications, but it features two teams with talented personnel groups and coaching staffs. In a vacuum, it is a compelling matchup in and of itself, made more so by the fact that it's a nationally-televised affair.

Rex Ryan talked a little about his team, that game, and his role in it on Tuesday, but that's not what everyone is talking about on Wednesday morning. Instead, we're talking about Clemson helmets and program pitches, live trash-talking through the magic of Twitter, and whether or not Ryan Fitzpatrick is pleasing to the eye. All in a day's work for Ryan in a week where he was always expected to take center stage.

We picked a name out of a hat for this one, and Ty Dunne of The Buffalo News emerged the victor, but rest assured: just about every Bills beat reporter's timeline looked like this yesterday. Here's a rundown of Rex's Tuesday press conference.

The Clemson pitch

If you're interested in hearing Ryan's entire Clemson football pitch (his son, Seth, currently plays there), the program was only too eager to share the video on Facebook yesterday.

Is Fitzpatrick handsome?

Ryan has made a lot of mistakes in his career; this is his biggest. Sorry, but Fitzpatrick's beard is excellent.

Fitzpatrick had a retort, by the way...

Ryan vs. Pryor

During Ryan's press conference, Jets safety Calvin Pryor - who was Ryan's last first-round draft pick with the Jets - decided to weigh in on his former coach.

When reporters told Ryan of Pryor's thoughts during the media session, Ryan was only too happy to reply.

Things died down a bit from there...

... though Pryor, currently a backup with the Jets, did end up having more to say when the microphones were in his face.

But wait, there's more

Those were just the main story lines, too. There were a couple of miscellaneous gems, as well.

Ryan did, however, show that he has a sense of where to draw the line as he runs through his well-honed art of media distraction.

The Bills and the Jets square off at 8:25 p.m. ET tomorrow (Thursday) night at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.