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Mario Williams missed most of Bills-Jets game due to illness

You may have noticed the conspicuous absence of No. 94 in the Bills' defensive lineup last night. Turns out, Mario Williams was really sick.

During their 22-17 Thursday Night Football win over the New York Jets last night, the Buffalo Bills played most of the game defensively without the services of star defensive lineman Mario Williams.

Williams was spotted early in the contest playing in his usual spot, but by the time the first quarter was complete, his absence - not just from the field of play, but from the sidelines, too - was a conspicuous one. He did not return to the game after his early cameo, and only after Rex Ryan spoke with reporters post-game did we learn why.

"He got sicker than a dog," Ryan told reporters early Friday morning. "We were pumping fluids in him, we were doing everything - it was unbelievable. He tried to go, and then he had nothing. He had no strength. Shoot, he's not dead, but he thinks he is."

Alex Carrington and Manny Lawson both saw an uptick in playing time with Williams out of the lineup.

The good news is that Buffalo's defense was able to play fairly well in a big win, and the better news is that Williams' affliction likely won't end up being a long-term situation. The Bills' next game takes place on November 23, a Monday Night Football matchup with New England.