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2015 Buffalo Bills unlikely to set NFL penalty records

The Buffalo Bills made a good run at them, but short of a record-setting ugly season finale against the Jets, they're not likely to break two NFL penalty records this season.

Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

It looks like the penalty records the Buffalo Bills (and others) were chasing are safe for another season. It would take a monumental effort to catch the 2011 Oakland Raiders or 2014 Seattle Seahawks teams now.

With one game left, the Bills lead the league in both penalties (139) and penalty yards (1,204) but with only one game left, won't be able to set all-time records in either category. The 2011 Raiders, however, were called for 163 penalties. The NFL record for penalties in a game is 26, so it's possible the Bills could add 24 or more to earn the record, but it's not very likely.

In terms of yardage, they stand more than 200 yards from the record, held by those 2014 Seahawks. Again, it's possible the Bills could amass 210 yards of penalties in their season finale, but the record for a single game is 212, so it would take a near-record effort.

By way of comparison, Buffalo's season high is 17 flags against the Giants and 140 yards in penalties against the Patriots, and repeating both of those numbers wouldn't bring the Bills close to either penalty mark. In the previous meeting with their Week 17 opponent, the New York Jets, they were called for just five penalties for 44 yards.

Here is a look heading into Week 17 of the race for the most penalized team in the NFL, via

Week 17 penalties