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Josh McCown negotiating with both Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns

The Bills and the Browns, two NFL teams with ultra-lengthy lists of failed starting quarterbacks, are competing for the services of free agent Josh McCown.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News reported that the Buffalo Bills had entered into contract negotiations with free agent quarterback Josh McCown. That report said that a deal could be finished as soon as Friday, but readily admitted that the Bills might not be front-runners for McCown - or that they were even the only team negotiating with him.

That is reportedly the case, with Mary Kay Cabot of reporting Thursday evening that the Cleveland Browns are also negotiating with McCown. It's even possible that the other two teams that McCown visited, the Chicago Bears and the New York Jets, are involved in the bidding war, though neither of those teams have been reported as part of the negotiating process just yet.

At minimum, however, the Bills and Browns are in the race. The same Bills and Browns who inspire works of art such as this and this are now directly competing for the services of a soon to be 36-year-old quarterback who, in 13 seasons as a pro, has started just 49 games, is 17-32 in those contests, and has produced 68 career touchdowns compared to 78 turnovers. To the victor go the spoils.